Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The week thus far...

I have so many pictures of Caleb helping me in the kitchen... it happens regularly around here.  Anything to keep the kids occupied until nap time... eh?
This week one of Caleb and Emerson's little friends joined us for the day.  It was a busy day... but they all had fun.  I hope.

We decided to bake cupcakes.

This lovely little lady "helped" from a distance :)  She's sure a cutie... much of Emerson's stylish wardrobe can be credited to her. 

Then it was craft time.

Here Caleb was trying to find her a "cool" picture to color.

This was my kitchen floor after lunch time.  It was quite the affair.  Caleb and the little lady ate and ate... and threw food on the floor.  I did my best to keep up with them... Emerson lay on the floor nearby and pooped her pants.

Then I put this kid to work.

And amazingly enough, all three kids napped AT THE SAME TIME for an hour.

I was looking for Caleb this evening.  I couldn't seem to find him.  Suddenly I discovered him sitting in the living room like this.  He was playing a racing game on my ipod.  Caleb remained like this for about 10 minute before emerging from the baskets-- he didn't seem to think that his behaviour was out of the ordinary in the least.

And Emerson helped me with the laundry tonight.  She mainly helped me carry it up the stairs.

As you can see, I like to put my kids to work-- laundry, vacuuming... start them young.


Anonymous said...

I love the vacuuming picture. Gotta start them young! I could use that kind of help around my house.


Bonnie said...

Wow... seeing this made me think.... I wonder if Callie could clean toilets yet? ;)
VERY cute kidlets, by the way.

KDees said...

I have photos of all my boys in laundry baskets! Too cute! Emerson sure doesn't look like a newborn anymore!! :)

Anonymous said...

I would guess that Emerson helping you carry laundry up and down the stairs would be a good work out!!! Love Nana