Thursday, November 25, 2010

I looked outside and I was like... What!?

Discovering fresh snow in the morning is surprising for me... I guess I'm not a prairie girl anymore!  As soon as Caleb saw the snow, he was ITCHING to get out there to build a snowman.  He kept asking me, "Mommy, do you have black buttons for its eyes?"... "Mommy, do you have a carrot for its nose?"  How does he know about snowmen?  Anyhow, once Emerson was napping we made our trek out to the front yard.

To all you Prairie Mamas out there... I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU DO IT.  Outfitting a squirming child in snow gear has got to be one of the most difficult jobs out there.  It's difficult enough to get Caleb dressed in a shirt, pants, and underwear (socks are optional) let alone snow pants, boots, jacket, mitts, hat... wow.  Kudos to you all for doing this on a daily basis!

Once we were out there, the fun began!

Turns out the snow wasn't sticky enough for snowman building.  Thankfully Caleb wasn't too disappointed.  Maybe a post-nap snowman building session will work out for us.

I took a brief break from playing in the snow to laugh at 2 of my neighbors.  They have both been outside ALL morning shoveling their driveways.  I laugh for 2 reasons:

A.  There's only a few inches of snow out there.  Your car will make it out.  You are not snowed into your driveway.  Not yet anyways.
B.  The snow will likely be gone by 8 pm tonight.

I guess they were itching to try out their still brand new hardly used snow shovels!

**UPDATE!  It is now almost 7 pm-- snow's still here and my car is submerged.  Look who's laughing now?  Do you think Canadian Tire still has snow shovels in stock? **

Snow angels were not the smashing success I had anticipated.  Turns out Caleb doesn't like it when snowflakes land on his face.  What an angelic little boy I have.

Time to head back inside!  Caleb's not actually crying here-- this is his "smile for the camera" face.  Again, so angelic, I know.

One last thing-- I need a winter jacket for Caleb as we'll be heading to the prairies for Christmas!  It needs to be cheap since it won't see a lot of action here on the west coast and likely won't fit him next year... any suggestions on where to look?  Prairie Mamas... help me out!


kelly ens said...

I shoveled our driveway this morning for 3 reasons:

-for the love of my hard-working hubby.
-because once the rain hits, it will turn into a huge, slushy mess and i HATE walking through that.


Old Navy had a sale recently...50% off all their outerwear; i'm sorry you missed it :(

Kelsie-Lynn said...

Looks like lots of fun was had!

So my suggestions for coats are Superstore. I got Alexis a really nice heavy one for $30.00 but they had less expensive ones and they should be on sale soon.
Also if you aren't opposed to second hand you could see if your mom or sisters could go to Once Upon a Child in S-toon. They do have tons of second hand snow gear and they could just meet you at the airport with it if you are flying or mail it too you ahead of time. I got Alexis a really good pair of snow pants there for 10.00 last year. Oh and if you need a snowsuit for Emerson to borrow while you are here let me know I have several girls ones and I can easily bring it your folks. Just let me know what size she'd need.

Also we should be home for the Christmas season so if you are here for awhile this time let me know and we can maybe squeeze in a get together.

Take care and Happy Snow Day!

Elissa said...

Kelly, three very good reasons why I should invest in a snow shovel :) Totally forgot about the slush-- yuck!
Kelsie, I'd totally take you up on borrowing a snowsuit for Emerson! And we should definitely try to arrange a get together!

Bonnie said...

I got Callie's winter jacket at Value Village. It's Old Navy, its in pretty much mint condition, and it was $5. I'd say that was a success. Happy shopping! :)

Dan and Lynn said...

Looks like it was a fun snow day! Love the photo of Caleb "smiling for the camera":).

Jeff and Jocelyn said...

I know that recently old navy and the gap had there wintergear onsale online for pretty cheap.

rachel joy said...

Old Navy Outerwear is still 50% off today (Saturday), though your selection might not be so good now.

rachel joy said...

just read jocelyn's comment, yes it's gap and old navy. online and in-store.