Friday, November 19, 2010

Making my girly look a little more girly

Here's one of my pet peeves... Emerson can be wearing a pink outfit and is wrapped in a girly pink blanket and people still ask if my baby is a boy or girl.  I decided that it was time to add yet another girly item to her attire-- headbands!  I looked at ALL the options on Etsy-- there's some really cute ones out there-- but I wasn't about to pay 10 to 15 bucks plus shipping.  So... why not figure out how to make them myself?  The cutest ones had little fabric rosettes, so one day this week while the kids were napping I decided have a rosette making party until I figured out how to make them.  After much trial and error, I finally mastered the technique!

Guess what I made them out of... a couple of my old T shirts that I had been planning on shipping off to MCC.  I used the sleeves to make the headband, and then cut a bunch of different sized circles to make the rosette.  After attaching it to the headband and a bit of hand sewing you have the cutest little headband.  A FREE headband!  This one took me about 15 minute to make from start to finish.  I plan on making many more in the near future.

 Thanks for the cute headband mom!  You're the best... wink wink :)

On to another topic.  Snow.  Or should I say "snow"-- the stuff we got this morning was pretty wussy.  But Caleb thought it was the real deal-- I've got a city boy on my hands!

 Watching it snow this morning got me excited to set up my tree... is it too early?
When do you all take the plunge and decorate for Christmas?

So far, all I've got up is my wreath :)

And yes, my front door is purple.


Wyatt said...

At least they ask. I've had two women call Evelyn a boy without hesitation. Also thought she looked girly enough. Hope the headband solves the problem:)

kelly ens said...

you are definitely one of the most creative and resourceful people i know. love the headband.
i love your wreath - i've never had one, but sure want one! Love your purple door!

Anonymous said...

I'm decorating next week! In fact, I took the week off work so I could decorate before December hits. I've seen a number of trees up in people's windows already. I always love your posts!
Auntie Linda

Anonymous said...

While we don't decorate until the first weekend in December, I have been known to listen to Christmas music in October. Love the purple door with the wreath! Emerson is adorable.
Aunt Charlotte

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't be right if this aunt didn't also comment! Send Caleb to play in my yard. Lots of snow. He could build an awesome fort. Enough snow for this winter as far as I'm concerned. Emerson is so sweet. Love the wink.


Anonymous said...

I have already decorated... it's how I'm coping with school stress - drink tea and look at the tree, and then tackle the three projects due tomorrow. Emerson is so cute, and I love the purple door.


Melissa said...

Your creativity is inspiring! What a resourceful mama you are! Love the headband and the front door.

Vanessa said...

Such awesome headbands!! Great job!

And I dove into Christmas decorating on November 1st. And I LOVE that my house is all decorated and cozy!

Kelsie-Lynn said...

It made me nutty that people thought Alexis was a boy no matter how much pink I put her in. I love the headband idea. Everyone around here is already decorating for Christmas but I usually wait till December 1. Not sure why, just do. We have been listening to Christmas music already.

Anonymous said...

I decorate(or I should say Trisha does) when the girls come home. I try to hold off at least till Dec.But there was the year that we came Home mid Nov to find someone had put up the tree. Dave took it down cause it was too early.Super cute Emerson and Caleb. Mom

KDees said...

Love your front door! And, the wreath! AND, the FREE headband! You're so awesome! And, for the record, I plan on setting up my tree in the next few days. Dan is on his hunting trip and that's how I'm going to fill the time! People here have lights on their houses, decorated trees in the front room and they're all decked out for Christmas, so no, it's not too early!

Carol said...

My tree is up and I'm planning on decorating it tomorrow - You go to all that work, so you might as well enjoy it for at least 6 weeks!

You are so creative & resourceful!