Monday, November 15, 2010

Just Another Weekend Recap

The weekend was a busy one in our house.  There was much time spent with family and friends... here's a few pictures!

I decided to start teaching Caleb how to use scissors.  This is something I've been dreading for a while now.  He was VERY excited... me... not so much.  It took a bit of practice for him to get his hand positioned in the scissors correctly, but once he had it, he had a blast.

Yes, my son is a lefty.  Like me!

 All weekend he kept saying... "Mommy, I want to cut.  I NEED to cut."  Oh boy.
What have I started?

Look Mom!  I'm so good at this I don't even have to watch what I'm doing!!

On Saturday we had family over for breakfast at our place.  
Waffles were a huge success with the kids.

We also had dinner at our house on Saturday.  I made soup.  It was not so exciting for the kids.  Picture four kids sitting around the table looking at their soup saying... Nah uh.  Not going to eat it.  And three moms standing around the table behind them saying... uh huh... you're gonna eat it.

Let the games begin!

There was negotiating.
There was gagging.
There was denial.
A couple of the kids decided to pretend the soup didn't exist.
Some selectively ate one or two items out of the soup.

In the end, each child consumed a small amount. 
And then the moms gave up.

Then we put on a movie and popped a huge bowl of popcorn for them so we could eat in peace.

And here's Emerson in her cute Sunday dress.  
The flower headband was so cute.
I had to adjust it probably 50 times during the morning, but it was still worth it.


Gina said...

The first thing I thought is "he's a lefty like his mom!" You are a brave woman teaching the scissors lesson, but it must be done.

kelly ens said...

yesterday marked the FIRST day I let Taeya (4.5) use scissors on her own. I've always been scared, but she does it at preschool, so I guess she can do it at home. scissors. blech.

laughed at the image of the soup eating... :)

Trev and Rebekah said...

K, I want that picture of the kids and yes that would have made a great picture with all of us standing over and near our kids trying to make them eat.

I love the little flower on her head.

Trev and Rebekah said...

Oh and I have let Isaiah use scissors in the past. He loves to cut paper into tiny little pieces and then I am left to clean them all up. But hey it entertains them.

{ as we know it } said...

Oh Emerson is a doll! Love the headband - where'd you get it?

Jamie said...

I've actually enjoyed the introduction of scissors in our house. The kids - mostly Micah - spend many hours just cutting and cutting. Yes, there is sweeping/vacuuming that happens after, but the long moments of quiet are very welcome!

Great picture of all the kids :) Love the headlock that Keziah has Silas in!