Friday, November 16, 2012


We're gearing up for the beginning of the third trimester... to celebrate, I purchased the one thing at American Eagle that actually fit me.  It's warm, cozy, kinda like wearing a blanket instead of a sweater, kinda awesome.  And it was also in the clearance section AND an additional 40% off today.

And another super exciting thing about today... more of my kitchen is ready to be installed!!  

The excitement is starting to get to me... nerdy things like "booyah!"  and "woot woot!"  keep coming out of my mouth :)  Can ya blame me?

Happy Weekend everyone!!


Flowers2boys said...

Great outfit...I have almost the same one (i am not prego) hmmmm

and new cabinet doors is a definite woot woot

Aissa said...

Oooh, i might need to swing by AE and buy the same sweater! I'm 35 weeks today and just ripped my favorite GAP jeans this morning after forcing it on. Guess it's time to switch to leggings!

Megan Lee said...

I just bought that sweater last weekend and love it! But not for an additional 40%! Oh well, looks cute on you too :)

stephanie joy said...

oh gosh... you look adorbs!
gotta love a sale, huh?
can't wait to see more pics of the kitchen!!

Trev and Rebekah said...

Not sure if I am guessing girl or boy for you. What are you thinking?