Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Baby's Room

I can hardly believe Eme's room will soon be inhabited by a third Toewsie kiddo!  Yikes-- it's already November!  Three more months!!  

So, I'm not planning on doing too much to the room-- other than setting the crib BACK up.  I love the current paint color, the crib/dresser/chair/rug are all great, but I might switch up just a few little things.  The pink will be gone (for now... at least!), I'll probably buy a new crib sheet since I figured it's the LEAST I could do, and put a few gender neutral things up on the wall.

But, I have started on one little project that I'm pretty excited about.  I'll share more about it later on (once it's all finished) but here's a little hint...

I am totally inspired by anything Lauren Liess does in her home... and the art work in her basement family room was no exception...

Are ya curious yet?  


Anonymous said...

Hi Lissa,

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P.S. I love your botanical tapestries!

Trev and Rebekah said...

looking forward to seeing what you do


I love those large botanicals also!!! So much impact...