Wednesday, November 28, 2012

An Update of Sorts

It's not even December yet... but things are already getting crazy around here.  It seems like I'm constantly running (but not really-- more like waddling) around town with a thousand things to do... which means I rarely have time to bring out my "real" camera....

thank goodness for iphones and instagram... right?  Here's what's new...

Eme's become a real chatterbox.  She talks  Just about every sentence starts with the word "where" and her favourite line is "where's daddy mom?"  She asks this question approximately 300 times a day.  Doug will be in the same room-- sitting right in front of her and she'll say "where's daddy mom?" about 10 times in a row.  It's cute.  It also drives me crazy.

The other day she brought me the globe and asked "Where's Canada?"  Apparently she's listening as I give Caleb many geography/history lessons... :)

Caleb continues to love school.  This smile says it all.  
I recently made up a crazy (and loud) "we love school!" cheer that the kids and I scream all the way to school.  It's a short drive... don't worry.  It get's Caleb so pumped up about his day that he is literally attempting to jump out the door while the car's still moving so he can run to his spot in line by his classroom door.

In other news...

I may or may not have created a swimming lesson monster.

Caleb is insanely passionate about his swimming lessons... and it's become apparent that I will tire of taking him to swimming lessons long before he's ready to take a break.  You'd think that he'd be tired after a long day at school... but twice a week he happily goes off with his instructor and literally jumps for joy the entire lesson with the hugest grin on his face.

I've also created a "mom... do my hair" everyday monster.
I curled Eme's hair for church one morning and now she thinks hair straighteners and hairspray should be the daily norm.  Oh dear. 

Over the weekend I started spraying some headboards I picked up for the kid's shared room.  They should be ready for action shortly!

Meanwhile... we moved both kids in together tonight even though their room isn't "ready".  They were quite excited (although Caleb does look like he's about to cry in this picture).  Let the sleepless nights begin!!

And tonight after the kids were tucked away in their shared room asleep in their beds... I stood in Eme's room and felt a teeny bit sad that she wasn't in there... 

So crazy to think that this room will be inhabited by another child soon!


Trev and Rebekah said...

Great update.

Love Caleb's smile. And the cheer...a great idea though we walk to school so not sure how all the people on the streets would feel about us yelling a cheer...but hey most wouldn't be able to understand what we are saying, right?

She looks so grown up with her hair that way!

Unknown said...

I love that they are sharing a room! So much bonding time will happen in that space! They really are sweet.. I love his smile:)

Erica said...

Eme is so tiny in that bed! Can't wait to see how you style up their shared room, I am sure it'll be lovely!
Also, I just need to say again how much I LOVE Eme's curled hair!

Rosa @ FlutterFlutter said...

I moved my boys into the same room two years ago... and it was the best change we could have made! Not only did they become closer, it made going on holidays a lot easier because they were used to sharing a room! :) Have fun setting up for #3! Yay!!