Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Personality and other Things

I have been spending a whole lot of one on one time with this little lady.  

Let me tell you... she's got personality.  She's a talker-- and a loud talker when it's just the two of us.  High pitched, shrill, loud... "MOM!!!!!" is her favourite word to shriek.

When she wants to come out of her crib from her nap she starts by calmly calling out "Hi Mom!"  If I don't come, it turns to "LOVE YOU MAMA!"  Trying to butter me up.  Then, if I still don't come she has started to call out: "LISA!  COME!"  Since when am I on a first name basis with my 2 year old?

Every morning when we head out to school to drop Caleb off Eme's got all her accessories ready to go-- a bracelet of some sort (today it was my neon yellow wrist band from the most recent Coldplay concert), a tiny purple purse she got along with a McDonald's happy meals months ago swinging on her arm, inside the purse is always a hot pink bouncy ball that she got from Castle Fun Park, and she never leaves the house without her purple ray bans.  And they are usually on up side down.

Man, do I love this girly.

While we're on the topic of kids...

This week I had the routine mid-pregnancy ultrasound for our still-in-womb child.  I think it was my favourite ultrasound so far.  As I watched that squirming baby on the screen, all I could think about was how that baby was going to grow up into another Caleb... another Eme... another child with personality.  Can't wait!

And the gender is a surprise-- as was the case with our other children.  Doug and I can't do it-- we can't find out-- being surprised is just way too fun!

While I'm on the topic of ultrasounds...

I have had many ultrasounds over the years and I have never, ever been able to figure out how much is the acceptable/necessary amount of water to drink.  Last time it was too little too late.  This time it was WAY too much.  I had to drive into Langley for this appointment (Abby's ultrasound tech quit so a bunch of people's appointments got cancelled) and I have NEVER been that uncomfortable before.  I was desperately praying that I wouldn't have to sneeze or cough.  It would have been game over-- instantly.  I decided on the drive that I'd never drink anything ever again.  I determined that having to pee that badly was worse than childbirth.  I pulled off the fasted parallel park job ever-- I needed to move-- quick.  As I was walking towards the clinic Doug called for directions.  I told him he was on his own-- I couldn't talk-- was concentrating too hard on not peeing my pants.  I got to the front desk and told them that I needed direction to the washroom-- right now-- I didn't care if I was allowed or not.  Honestly, I'll never be able to figure out how much and when.  The ultrasound tech kept sending me back to the washroom to keep emptying... oh well.  It's all a part of the process of growing a baby!

And while I'm on the topic of being pregnant...

My maternity pants crisis has been solved.  Made a quick trip to H&M this morning and found a pair of  fantastic emerald green jeans for an unbeatable price.  It was a tough choice-- emerald, red, or mint... but the green just felt fall-ish to me... even though this week still feels like summer!


kelly ens said...

OH, the water consumption!!! I laughed SO hard because i have had that VERY same situation! Oh, it's SOOOOO awful!
I recently heard that the recommended amount is for people who don't usually drink much water. I had 2 ultrasounds with each of our kids and by Ezra's last one, I learned...I had maybe 2 small glasses of water and that was totally enough. But oh MAN, having to pee that bad is pretty much the worst pain and experience EVER!

KDees said...

Baby Towes #3 is pretty cute already! Great post! I've been getting to spend a bit more one on one time with Carter too and it's pretty fun to see his personality shine! School sure changes things!:). Glad you found some fun jeans to brighten your maternity wardrobe too...

Barbara Matson said...

I remember the whole "water" business with ultrasounds. I always drank too much and had to pee until the "line" on the cup. Sheer torture! It is exciting to wait until the baby is born to find out the gender - so exciting!

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Trev and Rebekah said...

I have the Cheese whiz song in my head about PERSONALITY!

I have learned that I can't drink what is recommended to drink for ultrasounds so I drink on the way and I still have too much. Fun times But I hear you on it being uncomfortable and not being able to concentrate till you let go of some of that pee.

Team AC said...

LOVE Emerson's accessorizing... wonder who she gets that from? ;)