Friday, September 28, 2012

Free Specs

Yup.  Free.  The best kind of new glasses are the free kind.  You can get a free pair too at Clearly Contacts... I ordered these ones.  I only had to pay for shipping, and they arrived on my doorstep less than 48 hrs after I ordered them.  

What did Doug think of my new specs?  He said, "wow, you look like a nerd... but a cool nerd."  I'll take it as a compliment, right?  I have a feeling that I may look back at pictures of myself in these glasses in 15 years and go-- what was I thinking!?  But today, I love them :)


Jamie said...

I love them too :)

Sandra said...

cute :-) as soon as i get a copy of prescription, i'm ordering myself a pair (i'm a contacts user)

Team AC said...

Why/how are they free?


Bonnie said...

Very cute! Love 'em!