Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Progress in the Big Girl Room

If I would have attempted to post on this blog earlier this morning it would have been pretty sad-- too much sickness in this house this week, too many early mornings (since when is 5:44 am an appropriate time to wake up!  never!), too much puke to clean out of Eme's hair, too many cranky kids around here, too much messy-ness all around the house, not enough coffee...  glad I decided to hold off.

Because... my fantastic husband (of EIGHT years-- as of yesterday) brought me a starbucks latte before heading off to work for the day,  Caleb and I cheered as Canada won a silver medal, the kids miraculously recovered from their extreme dislike of one another and decided to play downstairs, together, with no screams/cries/blood/puke for an hour which allowed me to clean my house and get a jump on the laundry, and now I suddenly find that I have a few uninterrupted moments to sit down... 

things are starting to look up around here.

So, how about I shift gears and share some of the progress that's been made in Eme's big girl room!  As you may remember, I've been gathering inspiration for her room.  Well, my mom and sister were out visiting last week and we did a little shopping.  I managed to find a few things for Emerson as we were out and about...

I already had the blue lamp (something I found in my thrift store adventures last year) and the pink floral sheets.  But I found the white beaded basket in the clearance bin at Chapters (couldn't find online)-- so cute.  Then I picked up the Emmie Ruta duvet cover from Ikea along with a down duvet-- she's already been sleeping with the pillow in her crib and loves it.  And then, I found pink and white paisley sheet set from Home Sense last week.  We've got our bedding ready to go!  Now I've just got a find a bed-- oh and find the energy to ditch the crib.  Not sure if I'm ready for that yet :)


Flowers2boys said...

crib ditching is a brave brave time... i wish you all the best!

luv the color theme you are going with & the texture of the beaded baskets - supper cute

great find on the lamp - very vintage glam

trevandrebs said...

Happy anniversary!!! Did you do anything special to celebrate or not yet with all the sickness going on around there? Hope your household feels better soon.