Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Life in August Courtesy of Instagram

Here's what life's been like lately...

Since getting back from our road trip... the kids have been having a blast playing together... TOGETHER.  Crazy-ness... they kinda became new best friends overnight.  Doug and I think it was their shared traumatic experience of being restrained in the backseat for so many long hours.  Forced sibling bonding at its finest.  They now play for long hours together effectively trashing my house.  I could care less.

We've been enjoying all the fresh fruits and veggies courtesy of the Toews family garden.  I'm pretty sure I could eat fresh potatoes with dill and cream any and every day.  And fresh black berries for dessert?  Yes please.  I even made fruit leather out of plums Doug picked from the tree in Mom & Dad's backyard-- delicious!

Another important event in August-- my little Eme girl's birthday!  This little lady is now two!

I can hardly believe she's not a teeny tiny baby anymore...

We started the day by going out for breakfast-- McDonald's is always the kids first choice.  And I have a hard time saying no when they end up playing at the play place for an hour and a half allowing me to leisurely sip my coffee and check out the latest on pinterest.  It's a rough life, but someone's gotta do it.

The birthday party was dinner Eme's favourite little friends.  I had these cute straws and at the last minute decided to turn some of my jam jars into cute spill proof cups for all the little folk.  

I made strawberry cupcakes-- and this time around there were no allergic reactions and crazy trips to the emergency room.  Thank goodness!

We've also been trying to fit in some last minute trips to the beach-- oh how I love White Rock on warm summer nights. 

Seriously... can I live here please?

And as I've mentioned before-- since turning two Eme's been sporting a new attitude.  She's determined to be all cool and grown up like her big brother.

So, craft time means it's time to pull out the shades.

And seconds before we run out the door to church she decides to make herself pretty.

This week we're wrapping up our days of summer freedom by squeezing in lots of last minute play dates and trips to the park.  Next week-- kindergarten!  Crazy!!


kelly ens said...

Looks like Instagram captured a pretty great month! :)

Team AC said...

ha ha, love Eme's moustache... did you let her wear it to church?


Mike said...

I love that you try to feed them healthier foods when possible. You always take the cutest pictures of them.