Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just Words

These three gems from Caleb totally brightened my day...

Caleb sneezes.  "Oh Mommy, I achoo-ed all over the couch."

As we're looking at a book: "Look Mommy, there's a double rainbow all the way across the sky."  (This is only funny if you've seen the clip on youtube)

And, apparently clothing was optional at our house today.  I guess I must have missed the memo.  As Caleb and I were eating dinner together at the table-- he's only wearing underwear-- Caleb says, "I'm starting to get cold... *sigh*... I guess I should probably put my socks on."  You think?!

If only I could be that funny without trying.


Michelle said...

Hey Elissa - Am loving reading your stories! Caleb's achooing is hilarious. It made me laugh. Reminded me of Isaiah today when we were shopping. I held a shirt up to myself and asked him what he thought. Bad mistake. He said, "Eww. That's a shirt for a GRANNY....or maybe someone in their 40's......you're almost 40, maybe you should get it!" Anyway, hope you are all doing well. Sure do miss working with you!

Bonnie said...

Jon and I laughed out loud at the double rainbow comment! We definitely know that YouTube clip & it makes us laugh hysterically :). Nice work Caleb.