Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's finally Spring (at least for today)

Doug had a super long work day yesterday-- so he was able to take the morning off today!  Great timing... the sun was out and Caleb was itching to get outside.  So we rolled out of bed at somewhat later hour, (when I say 'later' I mean 'not at the crack of dawn') brewed some coffee, packed up the kids, and went to Mill Lake for the morning.

Actually I forgot one thing-- we went to the park AFTER Doug decided to give Caleb a buzz cut.  Every so often the boys disappear and I hear Caleb's screams coming from the basement bathroom-- ah, the sounds of haircutting.  Granted, Caleb's not screaming because his hair is being cut-- nope.  He's screaming because he doesn't like to step on his hair that's all over the floor.

So, once the buzz cut was complete, we went to the park.  It was a beautiful morning.  Especially with my coffee close at hand.  And wouldn't you know... I'm still wearing my pajama's underneath those layers.  It's been a lazy kind of day...

Awww... Mom.  Really.  Not in front of the other kids!

This kid missed his Dad yesterday.

I know exactly what Eme's thinking right here... "what is this strange warm breeze I feel on my face?  I've never felt this before..."  It's called Spring honey.


Anonymous said...

Sure wish I could enjoy some spring with you, burr it's cold here. Mom

KDees said...

Ditto in Alberta...Great photos, though! I like your comment under the one of you kissing Caleb. Graham literally gets angry at me for giving him a smooch, even when we're just at home, the two of us. He says, "kissing is DISGUSTING, mommy". I'm going to remind of that when he's lip-locked with a girl 15 years from now.... :)

Trev and Rebekah said...

Yeah for spring. Excited to come back to it!