Thursday, January 31, 2013

Call me Crazy

Yesterday I commissioned Doug to put up some shelves in the baby's room above the change table.
The shelves were sitting around not being used, so I thought they'd be useful in here!

After they were up Doug came to me and said:
"Well, they're up and they're not going anywhere... at least until you decide to paint this room... again."

When my sister in law sent me the link to this blog later on last night I laughed and laughed.

When I sat down to read it I had just finished reorganizing the drawers in the baby's room, scrubbed the kitchen top to bottom, vacuumed the entire house (top and bottom floors), washed the kitchen floor on my hands and knees, listed and sold household items on craigslist, and finished up three loads of laundry all the while having a minor panic attack over what to wear, what to put back into my closet, and what to pack in the hospital bag.

Kelle Hampton... I get it.

Extreme nesting.  They could turn it into a successful TLC reality show.


Jamie said...

haha! Sounds like the link I sent was very timely indeed!

Sabrina F said...

I read Kelle's blog last night too, and laughed quite hard at the picture she painted of her nesting activities. What a gift that last burst of energy is, God knew what he was doing helping women get stuff done that wouldn't otherwise get tended to once baby is here.

Hope the last weeks are bearable. Can't wait to hear your news!