Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nursery Time

Thanks for all your kind comments after my mini-panic session a few days ago :)  I went out and bought two packs of newborn diapers and feel so much better now!  

I also sat down and spent some time thinking about the direction I want the baby's nursery to go this time around.  Many of the elements are going to stay the same... but I'd still like to give it a bit of a different feel this time around.  So, here's the current plan:

Furniture & Other Stuff:

Most of the "fixed" elements are staying the same...

1.  The dresser/change table
2.  rug
3.  chair
4.  paint colour above the panelling (BM Woodlawn Blue)

We had to touch up the paint on 2 of the walls and I briefly considered totally changing the colour above the panelling, but decided not to do it.  I really do love the colour it is... when I look into the nursery from my own bedroom it looks so perfect :)

The one new thing that will be going into the baby's room is the tan colored moroccan pouf (item #5)!  I ordered it last week and it's set to arrive soon!!  I ordered sight unseen over the world wide web so I'm hoping it will look okay-- but the price was right!  I've always wanted a footrest to accompany the nursery chair and I figured the brown leather pouf could be worked into a nursery for a girl or boy.

For the Walls:

I've got a few ideas spinning around in my head... we'll see what actually happens :)

6.  I have this sunburst mirror already-- it's been used in the basement and is currently in my bedroom... thinking about pulling it into the baby's room...
7.  A little DIY artwork!  Love the large scale botanical prints with the dark background... but they can be crazy expensive!  I decided to make my own... here's a little sneak peek of how it's looking!

I've still got to paint a few wood pieces I'm using to hang this picture-- once I've got it all assembled I'll take a couple more pictures and post some DIY instructions :)

8.  gallery wall-- this will likely wait until after the baby's born as the gender will determine the colour/feel of the artwork chosen.  I think I'll move the gallery wall to another place in the room this time-- like above the crib or chair.


These elements are to be determined by the gender of the baby.  I'd like to get a new crib sheet in place that is neutral and could work with either scheme.  I like the idea of stripes... but I'm looking at other options too.  Still deciding!

I'd like to add some texture and colour through the use of pillows and blankets.  I've been searching around ebay for some kilim pillows and am loving the different colours/patterns/textures I'm seeing!  Love that they're all one of a kind!  I also love the kantha throws too-- I have one in my living room from West Elm and love the pop of colour and the uniqueness it adds to the space.  For a girl I think I'd go for muted pinks, tans, mustard tones and peaches and for a boy I'd keep going with the tan, deeper browns, charcoal, and maybe some muted greens and blues.  That should spice it up a bit!

Anyhow... just some random thoughts!  Be warned-- these plans tend to change quickly!  I may or may not have already changed up a few things :)  Sometimes you've just gotta roll with what you already have and with some deals that surprise you along the way!

Here's a list of sources-- in case you're wondering:

1.  Ikea Hemnes Dresserin grey/brown
2.  rug from Home Depot
3.  Ikea Ektorp Jennylund armchair
4.  Paint color above panelling is BM Woodlawn Blue (HC-147)
5.  Rugs USA Brown Moroccan Ottoman
6.  Sunburst mirror is from Pier One Imports (not sure if they still have it-- mine was purchased a few years ago
7.  DIY botanical artwork (more info to come... )
8.  Gallery wall inspiration picture used from a nursery designed by Alice Lane Home
9.  Crib sheet from Land of Nod
10.  Kantha throws-- random pretty picture found via pinterest
11. Kilim Pillows-- another random picture via pinterest


Anonymous said...

Hi Elissa,
If it ends up being boy #2, don't forget to include a few fishing/hunting/extreme sports posters as decor in the room!

stephanie joy said...

um yes... do tell how you MADE that print?!?!

Flowers2boys said...

Looks Great... luv the pouf

All the best in the coming weeks!

Laurie said...

Beautiful - can't wait to see your post on the botanical.

Kristen said...

I will say that I ordered a moroccan pouf from Rugs USA and have been very happy with it. Especially considering the price savings compared to other ones. Mine had a slightly strange smell (sounds weird, i know) i'm guessing from the dye that is used....but it went away quickly. Better to air it out before putting it in baby's room. : )
The nursery is going to be a beautiful space!

Bonnie said...

Its gonna be good... can't wait to see the outcome!