Thursday, June 21, 2012

Open Shelves Thursday

Lack of blogging... means that life's been busy.
Feel's like we've been running around all over town the past few days... and really, we have.

Over the past few days we've been going to BBQ's, having wiener roasts, taking the kids fishing (in the rain) at the trout hatchery, shopping at Metrotown way past the kids bedtime with NO stroller (so not a good idea) going to White Rock for a preschool field trip, T ball... the list goes on and on.

Those are my excuses and I'm sticking to them.

Anyways.  After all the work Doug did in the kitchen while I was out of town with the kids we've taken a bit of a break from working in the kitchen.  I have the faucet ordered now and need to order the rest of my hardware today and then everything will start arriving.  On Doug's to do list is to build all the drawer boxes, have the kitchen measured for countertops (he's handling that since he gets a good deal), build all the doors and finished parts, have it all sprayed, and then install everything :)  I'm thinking this kitchen is going to be "in progress" for quite a while!  But, if you can find the time to do it yourself, you can save a lot of $$.  So worth it.

In the meantime, I've been living with open shelves in the kitchen.  And really, I mean EVERY shelf is open.  As you can imagine... this little lady is loving it.

But as frustrating as it is to have the contents of my kitchen scattered all over the house (and in the backyard-- I recently discovered that Caleb had been commandeering my kitchen stuff for the sandbox-- nice) I really really have been loving having upper open shelves.  So, Doug and I decided to add a few more into the design!  Instead of having closed upper cabinetry where the big window used to be, we're going to have three rows of open shelves.  This is the perfect spot for all my white dishes and glassware.  Can you see it?

So, to honor the current state of my kitchen and the new plan to add more open shelves into the design, I've decided to declare today "Open Shelves Thursday".  Since my open shelves are currently not so attractive, how about we look at a few kitchens that have beautiful open storage?

This kitchen has ikea cabinetry-- amazing, right?

And that concludes Open Shelves Thursday.


Team AC said...

Love the open shelves concept, but as I've contemplated it, I think I'd only want open shelves in my kitchen for the dishes I use often/every day. The reason being that I don't want once-in-a-while-dishes to get all dusty and gross.

Your kitchen looks great so far... can't believe how many steps it all entails. Lucky you've got Doug to do it for you.

Flowers2boys said...

I can totally see shelves in that space in your kitchen - good call...
the rustic shelves from house beautiful are my favorite... i luv white on white but the warmth of the rustic with stainless steel is a great way to warm a cool (white&s.steel) kitchen... just a thought
ahhh shopping at metrotown... oh I miss those days... but I don't miss the smells as I would pass the asian market :-)

A Diary of Decor and Fashion said...

Metrotown and no stroller??? You are so brave, I can hardly handle lugging around a 12yr old and a 10yr old to that crazy, busy mall.

Loving all of your kitchen ideas so far. Look forward to seeing it all come together, as I am sure you are.


Carol said...

You have the neatest "kitchen in the middle of a renovation" that I have ever seen! Looking forward to seeing the progress.