Thursday, June 14, 2012

More Kitchen Details and Ambulance Rides

So.... interesting day today.  Took Eme for her routine immunization... she handled it like a pro-- no tears... no complaining.  I asked about Caleb's kindergarten shots, and since the waiting room was empty they offered to do them right then and there.  Much to Caleb's dismay.  Here he thought he was just observing Emerson's shots... and then he ended up getting two.  But I promised him McDonalds for lunch and he was all for it.  No tears... no complaining.  Apparently all it takes is McDonalds.

But, then Emerson broke out into hives and started swelling up all over-- yup... she was reacting to her shots.  The nurses started to panic, ended up giving her a shot of epinephrine, and then called the ambulance to take her into emergency.  Caleb was wide eyed and more than a little excited to ride in the ambulance.  By the time we got to the hospital the swelling started to go down and Emerson was acting like herself.  We had to stick around for observation for a few hours and need to keep an eye on the little lady to make sure she doesn't have any aftershock reactions-- but... we're home and happy :)

How's that for an entertaining morning?  Enough of that drama.  Let's talk kitchen drama.  I made another decision and ordered something today.

See this window?  It needs a little help.  I do love my new window-- it comes down a lot lower than the old one so I can see the whole backyard when I'm standing at my kitchen sink.  Love that.

But I felt like it's going to need something special to make it pretty.  I do like the look of lights hanging in front/over top of the window.  At first I was thinking about something like this...

And I almost ordered the Clemson Pendant when Restoration Hardware had a great sale on all their lighting a week or two ago.  

But, after thinking about it more I decided that I wanted something a bit more casual.  I wanted my kitchen window to feel more like this...

urban grace

So, instead I ordered the black Vintage Barn Pendant.  I'm so excited... I can hardly wait for the UPS guy to show up with my light.  Poor guy-- he's been making a lot of stops at my place these days.  

But it kind of feels like Christmas every time a package arrives :)

Sidenote-- I checked Ikea's website today and their double bowl farmhouse apron sinks are back on the website.  To late for me now... but if you want it... it's there!


Team AC said...

Great choices, but I do like that first pendant light a lot. Are you still getting a double-bowl sink?

We've had all sorts of sinks in our 5 places, and I'd say the double-bowl is def more useful than the single, but it just takes up more space.


Helen@handmaidtales said...

great light fixture. I also like the slightly more casual feel.

Is E allergic to eggs? I know that some vaccines come in an egg-free version for that reason. Hope she's feeling better! Never a dull moment, huh?

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