Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Ladylike? Not so much...

Emerson's been rocking a few new looks around here since Christmas.  
Are they ladylike?  Not so much.  
First up, "farm girl chic".

As we were opening up Christmas presents with my family there was one for Emerson-- I was told that my little brother picked it out.  And let me tell you-- I was a little bit shocked over the fact that my brother had shopped for my kids.  What on earth would my 21 year old tractor driving, cowboy boot wearing, hunting, and truck driving farm boy brother (and if he was leaning over my shoulder right now he'd be saying:  "tell them I'm single... tell them I'm single!!") possibly think to buy for my 1 year old daughter? 

This.  Pink camouflage John Deere pajamas.

Can't stop giggling over how cute they are.
Nothing runs like a deere.  Not sure how I know that but I do...

Nice work Joel.

And Eme's second not so ladylike look?  I'm calling this one "little lady lumberjack".
I found the faux fur hat at Superstore on clearance during the boxing week sales and could not pass it up.  It is so ridiculously cute... especially with the red plaid shirt.

Emerson, however, hates it.  Hence the picture.  The look says it all-- "oh why oh why do I have to be a lumberjack!!?"  We're going to keep wearing it though... hopefully it will grow on her :)

And that's really all I have to say on the dark, blustery, rainy morning.  My one new year's resolution was to get me and my still recovering knee to the gym in the mornings... but man.  As I look out the window at the nasty weather I can't help but think that staying in bed and breaking my resolution on January 4th was a pretty fantastic decision.  


Erica said...

oh Eme, you are so cute!

And Elissa - great decision on skipping the gym!! Don't feel bad about anything - there is always tomorrow.

kelly ens said...

CUTE jammies!!!

i know...being out there this morning for school drop off and running errands was yucky! so glad i'm work out INSIDE :)

Anonymous said...

What a little sweetie! Had these pj's been available when we were little, I'm sure my mom would have had us in them--she loves John Deere!