Friday, May 20, 2011

Sun Fun

Finally... a few warm days!  Here's how we've enjoyed the past few days...

A White Rock visit... of course.  This wasn't Emerson's first trip to White Rock (first appropriately documented here) but it was the first time she could enjoy the sights and sounds... just not the ice cream :)

My little lady is learning so much these days... she's quite the happy clapper.

She's also happy to spend time on the grass... and she may or may not try to eat it at times :)

And... this little lady is starting to get a bit more adventurous... she's been caught a few times in the "I'm about to crawl" position... Time to put up the baby gate!

We've enjoyed several picnics at the park.  The thing I love the most about eating outside is the easy clean-up.  All you gotta do is shake out the blanket and go.

 We've stocked the fridge with coke.  Caleb doesn't get to drink it-- but he was more than happy to load up the fridge for me today.

We've done some flower planting.  I had two little helpers yesterday... this little helper was significantly more helpful than the other... enough said.

 And I've been working on my multitasking skills.  I've successfully mastered the art of suntanning while watching the clothes dry doing laundry.

Maternity leave... it's a rough life... let me tell you.


Anonymous said...

Ohh I miss you all, can hardly wait till you come.Keep up the multi-tasking Love Mom

Melissa said...

Looks like you're enjoying the warmer weather to the fullest! Love the pictures of your White Rock adventures and suntanning - um - doing laundry :)