Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Another Closet Conquered

Operation "No Closet Left Untouched" continues to sweep through this house.  Next up on my list... Caleb closet.  His closet "before" wasn't messy, disorganized, or cluttered... it was pretty much empty.  So this time around I didn't need to do any sorting, purging, and organizing.  Instead I needed to put stuff in it!   I wanted to make Caleb's closet into a space where he could store and organize his toys in a fun, creative, and inviting way.  As the little lady of the house starts to move around I wanted to have a safe zone for Caleb to keep his lego, puzzles, cars, and playmobil.  In the next months it's so important to keep all the little stuff out of Emerson's reach... but I also didn't want Caleb to feel like his toys were off limits.  With that in mind, I decided to turn his closet into toy central for Caleb!  The process started a few weeks ago when I purchased this toy storage unit off of craigslist for $20.  It desperately needed some paint and a little loving.  All it took was some primer and white paint I already had in the garage to turn it into a cute toy storage unit for Caleb's toys.

When we showed Caleb his new toy storage system he was SO excited!  He ran all around the house grabbing his favorite toys and began to fill the drawers.  I decided to display some of his artwork in the closet-- it makes it look more fun.  He has created so many crafts and pictures over the past months-- and I can't keep them all.  Every piece of art he creates is displayed on the fridge for an appropriate amount of time, some are then tossed *gasp*, but the cutest ones are kept for his room.

There is one unfortunate drawback to this particular toy storage unit.  Can you guess what it is?  Well... let's just say that I like to use the top shelf of Caleb's closet to store things that are best kept out of his reach (ex.  annoying toys such as whistles and recorders and super messy craft supplies).  But it didn't take Caleb long to realize that his new storage unit had a bonus feature-- a built in step system that allows him to reach the top shelf very effectively :)  Time to find a new hiding place!!


Anonymous said...

LOVE it. i can't wait to move some of reigan's toys to hr room :) Great idea for art wort in the closet... it looks so cute :)

Bonnie said...

Looks awesome! Especially with his artwork... that's a great idea.
Only a boy would discover the new "ladder" up to the top shelf :) Good luck finding a new hiding spot!

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

Great job. Doesn't it feel so good to be organized?::)

rachel joy said...

looks great! And that climbing feature is exactly why I've forced myself to get over the longing to buy that system for our storage needs. :)