Monday, April 04, 2011

Weekend Marathon

Happy Monday everyone!  This past weekend was awesome, even though it felt a bit like a marathon with running errands, fixing our broken dryer, craigslist pickups, family fun, and other goodness.  We had way too many projects on the go, but we had fun doing them.  Here's a recap.

Doug took Caleb to recycle our cans and bottles.  Caleb gets to keep the money if he helps out-- he usually stashes it in his piggy bank.  This time around Doug decided to give him some instant gratification and took him straight to Walmart where he was allowed to buy a new toy with his money.  Right off the bat Caleb saw a $79.99 lego set and knew it was the one.  I drink a lot of Coke zero... but not that much!  He was a bit brokenhearted when he realized that it was beyond his budget, but the $6.00 lego police car kit made him pretty happy in the end.

Just a typical Saturday at lunch time around our house.  Lunch time got even MORE interesting when I tripped and spilt and entire bowl of sweet potato baby food all over the table, floor, Caleb, his new lego pieces and instructions....

Speaking of baby food, Emerson is quite enjoying my homemade creations.  As of today, her repertoire consists of:

  • brown rice cereal-- tolerable
  • pears-- her fav-- she makes the "mmmmm" sound with every bite
  • apples-- yummy
  • sweet potatoes and yams-- tolerable.  Enjoyable when mixed with a bit of apple juice
  • avocado-- it's a good thing
  • peas-- repulsive, but we're working on it
  • carrots-- so so
  • prunes-- pretty good... and let's just say... necessary ;)
  • eating my bib?  I do it everyday

And, my closet craigslist fundraiser has now financed a closet organization project in Caleb's room.  I saw this ikea toy storage system for sale on craigslist for $20.  If you were to purchase the system brand new at Ikea (see here) you're looking at spending $129.  So Doug ran out to pick it up and we're going to paint it and turn it into a toy/clothes/games storage system for Caleb's closet.  This weekend my motto became... 'no closet left untouched'...

And... I had another project on the go.  Doug and I stayed up way too late working on a new upholstered headboard for our room.  It's not quite finished yet (Doug still need to makes the legs and we need to staple the cambric on the back) but it will soon be finished and installed... hopefully.

I thought I'd leave you with a teaser until it's finished and ready to have it's picture taken...


Bonnie said...

I've always wanted to make my own headboard. Now that we're heading to Thailand, there's not much point, but I look forward to seeing yours and wishing it was mine ;) Looks like its going to be gorgeous!

Unknown said...

oh elissa i am SO jealous of your headboard... Nash also LOVES to eat his bib which i find disgusting and he too HATES peas. it catches his gag reflex every time :) i keep on mixing it with other things to try and make it a go but so far he sees right through it :)

kelly ens said...

love the headboard too!
and what a steal on the shelving unit - i've always wanted those for our kids' rooms too, but NOT full-price! guess i need to be visiting craigslist more often :)

Melissa Reed said...

I mean this seriously, where does your energy come from? I need a lesson from you. And now that I'm a working Momma I really need a lesson. I need to invite myself over.

Trev and Rebekah said...

Glad she's eating well and enjoying some foods! And do you want to come organize my closets some time? :0) Hope to catch up soon!