Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One of those days

Just keeping in real here tonight.  Can I tell you about yesterday?  It was one of those days...

The day began with Doug coming into our room.  He woke me up with the following question, "uh, hun... how do you get blood stains out of the couch?"  Great.  Apparently Caleb had a nose bleed first thing in the morning.  I gave some instructions and rolled over.  By the time I woke up there were no stains to be found... yay!

Mid morning... it looks like a nice sunny morning.  I decide to take the kids to the park.  I'll admit... I don't love the park... but I decided to pack them up and take them anyways.  We got there... within minutes sunny skies turned to black ominous skies.  It hailed.  We ran for the car.  I decided to redeem the morning by driving all the way across town to a Starbucks with a drive-thru.  One grande soy vanilla latte please.  I proceeded to drive around town in the hail and rain drinking my latte while the kids sat quietly in the back of the car.

Afternoon... Doug called and told me he'll be working late tonight.  Awesome.  I'm feeling totally uninspired to make dinner... so I ask Caleb what he wants to eat.  Hotdogs and noodles.  Sure, why not.  I make hotdogs and noodles for dinner and watch my usually picky dinner eater hoover hotdogs like he hadn't eaten in days.  Three times during dinner Caleb stopped and profusely thanked me for the delicious dinner.  All I could think about was dinner last week when I had to force him to swallow the steak he kept gagging over.

Then I decided to give Emerson a few small bits of noodles to gum on.  She proceed to gag on one tiny piece and threw up her ENTIRE dinner all over herself and my kitchen.  I then spent the next half hour cleaning up puke, spaghetti sauce smears, and sticky dried on noodles.  My kitchen smelled like hotdogs.  Then I bathed and pajama-ed (new word... you heard it here first folks) the kids.  Then I saw myself in the mirror... oh gosh.

Then Doug came home earlier than expected... yay!  We packed up the kids and and spent the evening with friends... watching the Canucks get slaughtered (I don't really care too much about that one... but it seemed to fit with the rest of the day :)

Today?  New day.  Wanna know what made it great?

This little Easter lamb.

Caleb teaching Emerson some of his favorite Boowa and Kwala songs on the computer.  They sat there together for quite a while... Caleb singing... Emerson stone faced.

And then I found this gem on my camera.


Erica said...

Thank God for the redeeming days! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Dan and Lynn said...

Those kinds of days are tough. Glad to hear your next day was better, though! And the pictures of your kids are so cute:). Emerson makes an adorable bunny, and Caleb is such a good big brother! Love the self photo Caleb took of himself...we seem to have a lot of those on our camera too:).

Lindsay said...

those cheeks!!

I had a day like that last week. I knew right away that it would be a write-off when I realized that I had shampooed my hair before getting it wet :S