Thursday, July 29, 2010

When it's hot outside and you need some ice cream... where do you go?

White Rock... of course!  My second favorite thing about summers in BC is the fact that White Rock is just a short drive away.  My favorite thing is about BC summers is no bugs and mosquitos-- duh!

Here are some picture of our adventure.

Caleb was VERY excited to see the train go by... after briefly freaking out... he recovered and thoroughly enjoyed watching it go by.

My boys... And I thought Caleb was the king of making faces when I try to take pictures.  Like father like son :)

And the roles reverse.

A very exuberant "cheese!!!"

This one's a bit scary... but it cracked me up when I went through the pictures this afternoon (didn't know what we captured in our many self portraits)

And here we're all cooperating.

Poor Caleb... promised ice cream, but forced to wait while Mom takes off for yet another bathroom break.

Finally... what we've all been waiting for.

Baby's first trip to White Rock.  Doug wanted to make sure it was documented.

And finally... time to head home.

That's it!  Yet another post... I'm on a roll!


dt said...

What a tummy! Who's inside waiting to join our family?

dt said...
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Trev and Rebekah said...

I was just thinking we needed to head to white rock maybe this weekend. You up for another trip? Or maybe just let us know where to get the good ice-cream from! :0) I love the picture of Caleb on the steps.

Elissa said...

Rebekah-- I would normally be up for it this weekend (more ice cream? yes please!) but it's our anniversary tonight so we've got plans! Another time for sure. I would recommend Dolce Gelato... I guess it's not technically ice cream, but it was so good and so fresh...

Bonnie said...

So true. Nothin' like gelato/ice-cream and a walk along the pier in White Rock. Lovely.