Sunday, July 18, 2010

Staying Cool

After many rain filled months, we're finally experiencing summer around here! My first official week at home was a warm one-- so we did what we could to stay cool. It began with the kiddy pool on the deck. Caleb enjoyed the water, while I enjoyed my new lounge chair.

Pretending to be cool while trying to stay cool :)

And we finally set up our fabulous above ground pool in the backyard. We had to wait a bit longer than normal to set it up-- as Doug's back wasn't up for lugging the pool out-- and let's face it, I wouldn't have been much help. Some of our friends took pity on us and came over to get the process started. It takes quite a while to fill up, but it was so hot that we ended up taking a break to have the first official pool party when it was just half full.

And... we had a day at the lake! Last Sunday we decided to head out to the lake to enjoy the warm weather with some friends. Caleb had quite a fabulous time-- he started the afternoon off with some lake swimming. He was quite brave-- I was not so brave (I stayed on the beach).

Warming up after a long swim.

When I told Caleb that we would be going to the lake, his first question was "will there be rocks that I can throw Mommy". Yes. There was. Typical boy behaviour.

Pregnant lady sitting on the beach which is actually a bit of a hill... trying to look and be comfortable.

Classic summer photo... kids enjoying watermelon. One word comes to mind-- sticky.

Caleb had fun hanging out with one of his new buddies. I discovered that trying to get a newborn and toddler to both look in the same direction for a photo is impossible. I shall continue to work on this in the upcoming months.

Who knew towels could have so many uses? Caleb's sporting his brand new hat.

So many different hats... so little time.

Well... there's another update for you all!


The A Team said...

HI Elissa..Thanks for the update, and thanks for coming back to Blogging-Land:) We missed you..when are you due again? August?

Dan and Lynn said...

Great photos!! The pics with the towel "hats" are too funny:). And I absolutely love the one of Caleb lying on precious!

Trev and Rebekah said...

Love the picture of Doug holding Caleb. Love all the updates too!

Which lake did you go to?

Tanya said...

You look great Elissa! Thanks for posting pics of you and the family. I can't believe how big Caleb has gotten. Hope the last month of this pregnancy goes well. Miss ya!

Elissa said...

Due date is August 19th... less than a month! And Rebekah, we were at Hatzic Lake.

Lindsay said...

I love that you're blogging again. Your posts are great!