Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Summer Fun, Wedding Fun, And Another To Come?...

Hey Everybody! Brace yourself for a long post with tons of pictures. As many of you may know, Doug and I had a funfilled Saskatchewan adventure this past week! My little sister Angela got married last Saturday, so Doug, Caleb, and I hit the road and made our way out to the promised land. We left Abbotsford Friday night at 5pm and drove through the night! I was a bit worried about how the drive would be with an 11 month child, but Caleb was fabulous! He ended up sleeping throughout most of the 17 hour drive, which was quite nice. Here was the view from the backseat...

We were lucky to experience a gorgeous, hot, week in Saskatchewan. It was quite amazing to be back at my parent's farm. So peaceful, relaxing, and quiet! Here's the view from the house:

One highlight from the trip, Carolin, a German exchange student who lived with parents a while back came out for the wedding! It was so, so, good to see her again. She is one of the girls in our family, let's call her sister/daughter #4!

One night we had a great bonfire outside in the backyard. Here's a few shots from that night. I think Caleb is totally out in this picture. Trish must have lulled him to sleep.

Doug and I being all wild and crazy, snapping one for the books.

Doug playing around with the color swap option on our camera.

Caleb has a new best friend... his papa! My dad and Caleb have quite a love for each other. They would disappear for hours on end going to the barn, looking at animals around the farm, going truck shopping. By the end of the week Caleb would lunge out of my arms if my dad walked by... I guess I'm no longer the favorite!

The paddling pool sure felt good in the 30 degree weather, eh Caleb?

The majority of the week was taken up by wedding preparations! Here's the reception decorating in progress. It looked absolutely beautiful in there... it felt like you were at an outdoor wedding in a tent! So incredible.

And then the big day arrived. Here's Ang and Tyler reciting their vows (I obviously didn't take the picture since I was on stage. But how did Doug take these pictures... I thought I heard an announcement that there were no pictures allowed!?)

The newly married couple... Tyler and Angela Friesen! You looked beautiful Ang.

Picture time! Here's Dad and Caleb having fun with a Frisbee.

Silly Auntie Trish! Caleb is so lucky to have so many beautiful Aunties!

The lovely couple smooching away for the camera!

Here's a cute pictures of Ang's dress and flowers. They were both gorgeous!

It was quite difficult to get a family pic while I was wearing my necklace. Caleb has a great fondness for jewelery of any kind...

Me and my squirming (soon to be) one year old.

Here's Caleb and his Nana. Gotta love the necklace, once again.

A picture of the bridesmaid flowers. So beautiful.

Here's Caleb at the reception. He was quite entertaining, and distracting, to everyone around him. He has this new thing where he starts laughing quite hard whenever he sees pictures of other children. This proved to be quite funny when the slideshow at the reception began. As pictures of Ang and Tyler as children went up on the screen, all you could hear in the quite hall was Caleb, full out belly laughing and squealing.

And that was the wedding! We arrived home to some exciting news, Doug's sister Kristi is getting married! Keith popped the question yesterday, and now we'll be gaining another new brother in law! Congrats you two! We love you both!

And finally, some pictures from this morning. What do you get when you put together a one year old, some fresh raspberries, and a camera? A mess! (and lots of fun.)


Jamie said...

Yay for wedding pictures - they all look beautiful! You looked fabulous too :)

Trev and Rebekah said...

Thanks for more pics. I love your sister's hair.
You look beautiful in your dress too.
You do realize that Caleb is the exception when it comes to babies, right? Not all are that good and sleep that well. :0)
I have never tried Is. on fresh raspberries. I'll have to try that when we get back.

Bonnie said...

What a great post! Your sister looked absolutely gorgeous on her wedding day--- as did all of you Foth girls. Such a beautiful bunch you are! Caleb & Doug also looked smashing :)

Dan and Lynn said...

Wow, so many great pictures! Looks like you guys had lots of fun in Sask! You and your sisters looked so beautiful (and of course Doug & Caleb looked handsome too)! Glad to hear that Caleb and your dad had so much fun together. And congrats to Kristi & Keith! That's so exciting!

KDees said...

The wedding looked so beautiful!! I loved their flowers! I'm glad you had a great time and that Caleb did so well traveling. Congratulations to Kristi too!! Another wedding to celebrate! When's the big day?

Kelsie-Lynn said...

You all looked amazing! Ang is such a beautiful bride!! So glad it all went well and Caleb is a really cutie! I bet his laughing during the slide show was super cute! And congrats Kristi and Keith! So exciting!

gord and janice said...

Looks like you guys had a great time out there. You looked absolutely fabulous Elissa. That Caleb is such a character.

gord and janice said...
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EB said...

My word - you Foth (/Toews/Friesen) ladies are seriously BEAUTIFUL! Gorgeous wedding pics! Looks like you had such a fun road trip too... glad you could enjoy the wondrous beauty of Saskatchawen... So much fun stuff too w/ Kristi & Keith gettin' all engaged! CONGRATS ALL AROUND!

Kirsten said...

What beautiful pictures! And Caleb is just getting cuter and cuter. So glad you could have that time with your family.

GSFALK said...

Thanks for the great pictures. Beautiful! Thinking of you these days and praying for you - planning wedding, remembering Nathan, celebrating Caleb's 1st birthday. Love you lots, A.Shirley

Bonnie said...

Happy 1st Birthday to you Caleb! You and I share a birthday so its one I'll never forget :) Hope your day is filled with lots of fun and lots of love! You're one very special little boy.

Thinking of all three of you today!!
(July 21, 2008)