Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's time for some fun... (and some new pictures)

Who's sick of looking at those golfing pics? I sure am! Here's a bunch of pictures from the last few weeks (months, actually).

What's this kid looking at anyways?

Okay, could this guy not be in an ad for mascara?

A couple of weeks ago Doug, Rosanna, and I headed into Vancouver to spend the day with our good friends from Calgary. Rosanna and I were patiently waiting for their ferry to arrive, as you may see below.

We decided to head to Lynn Canyon for some hiking and sweet suspension bridge action.

Not as fun as it looks, trust me.

It was fun seeing you two, Gord and Janice. Come back soon!

Two weeks ago Doug, Caleb and I decided to visit Seattle for the weekend. We found a hotel downtown and spent the weekend exploring the piers, Pike's Place, and of course the space needle. It truly is one of the most beautiful and exceptionally clean cities I have ever visited!

The view from up top.

After seeing this picture I am convinced that Caleb looks like his father!

Take the picture already Dad!

And, here's the view from the bottom. Also, not as fun as may think to ride up to the top. I hate elevators. This one is a 41 second, very fast, ride to the top. Enough said.

Caleb really loves his stroller. He spent probably 12 hours that day in his car seat or stroller, and loved every minute of it. I think he's so fascinated by all the views and people that he's as quiet as a mouse!

On Monday Doug and I took advantage of the one nice day here in the lower mainland, and spent the afternoon at the beach in White Rock. Caleb loved the water and sand, as well as all the other kids and dogs! All of a sudden he spotted a large chocolate lab, who saw Caleb an instant later, and the next thing I know there's a huge dog on our blanket licking and sniffing Caleb's ears and neck! Caleb loved it... he was giggling and squirming with joy, while the owners were mortified. Quite the event. As you may also observe, Caleb has learnt to crawl! He's really getting around these days.

And then my camera ran out of batteries. Maybe I'll have more pics in a couple of months.


Bonnie said...

So good to see some pictures and hear how you're doing. Caleb is getting to be such a big boy! Can't believe he's already crawling... I bet that makes you a much busier mom, hey!?
I always look forward to seeing something new on here so keep 'em coming :) And enjoy the sun when you can... it sure doesn't seem to be making its way out very often these days.

GSFALK said...

Yeah! I've being looking often for new pictures. I can relate, Elissa, to your feeling riding up the Space Needle - we went up the CN tower while in Toronto last week - hm, a LONG way up. Solid ground afterward sure feels good! And Caleb, cuter and more fun all the time. Happy Father's Day, Doug! A.Shirley

Trev and Rebekah said...

Yeah new pics! And way to go Caleb. Now our boys will get into trouble for sure. Did you get the package in the mail for his b-day next month?

vic and Anne Toews said...

so good to see your new pics- we check often !And the way Caleb is growing and learning new things is so wonderful. Enjoy every stage he's at- they pass so quickly. I wonder if we'll see you in sask ? We will be enjoying the family very much this summer. Grma

Keith - Kristen said...

Oh so great to see some new pics! Thanks for the update. And yes, your little man has amazing lashes.
Easy Breezy Cover Boy :)

Dan and Lynn said...

Thanks for sharing some new pictures! Sounds like you guys have been keeping busy! So glad to hear that Caleb does well travelling and that he enjoys spending time in his car seat and stroller:).

Courtney and Jon said...

great photos Elissa. Loved to hear and see what you've been up to the last little while.

KDees said...

Great to see an update! Caleb DOES look like Doug! What a cutie! I can't believe how big he is already. We just celebrated Graham's first birthday. We will be thinking about you and the family as you prepare to honor Caleb's first birthday.

Kelsie-Lynn said...

So good to see a new update. Caleb is getting to be such a big guy already and he is SO cute! Glad to here you are doing well. Take care. Thinking of you often.