Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Oh Sawyer Sauce

Brace yourselves folks.  Prepare yourself for an onslaught of Sawyer Sauce.

So... one of the things I like about this blogging thing, is that I can look back to remember all the crazy stuff my kids did way back when.  Unfortunately, Sawyer's been neglected on this blog of mine.  So today I intend to rectify the situation by giving you all a little recap of the last few months of Sawyer Sauce.

This little cutie has grown up over the summer.  It seems like just yesterday he looked like this...

Before I knew it he was all grown up sitting at the table with the rest of us starting to eat solids.

With Emerson I made ALL of my own baby food.  She loved it.  Sawyer, however, hates my homemade baby food.  I give him a spoonful and he scrunches up his face in disgust, gags, and screams his head off.  But, a spoonful of store bought baby food outta the jar?  Loves it. Will keep eating till I  have to cut him off.

So I've given in.   Who has time to fight a battle like that day after day?  I sure don't!  So I've resigned myself to buying jar after jar of PC Organics green bean/apple puree.  The kid can't get enough of it.

Over the past week he's also added books and stickers to his daily diet.  I keep finding him gagging up pages of the kid's books and Emerson's stickers.  Things like this happen when you've got other kids in the house...

Moving on.

He's done his time in the jolly jumper.  His older siblings have also done their time in timeouts due to the fact that they CANNOT keep their hands off of him.  "How high can we swing him?" has become the name of the game around here.

Gives me a heart attack to see this kid hurtling through the at high speeds...

Sawyer enjoyed plenty of beach time over the summer-- he enjoyed it much more than the picture may indicate.  The kid definitely got around-- we went to just about every lake/beach in the area multiple times.  A good summer was had by all...

Sleep?  What is is?  This kid rarely sleeps at nights.  My other two were sleeping through the night early on.  Sawyer however wakes up 3-4 times a night (and sometimes more) screaming at the top of his lungs until I feed him.  And let me tell you this kid can SCREAM... like ear drum shattering, headache inducing screams.  There is no volume control-- it's always LOUD.  When you've gotta be heard over two other kids, you do your best, right?

 Unfortunately, Sawyer will not nurse or drink from a bottle most of the day as he's so incredibly distracted by anything or anyone around him.  If I can find a completely dark, completely silent room-- there is a chance that he MIGHT nurse during day time hours.  But with the two older crazy kids running around that never happens... so we wake up at night... all night long.

One day I'll sleep for more than 2 hours at a time... one day.

And every so often this happens when we're out running errands during the day... when you're up all night sometimes you just gotta crash in the grocery store... right??  I wish.

Sawyer's been sitting on his own for a a few months now.. and is starting to flop onto his belly as he attempts to reach the older kid's toys (and stickers, and storybooks-- yummy.).  Caleb and Emerson were both late crawlers and didn't walk until after their first birthdays... so I'm thinking it could be a while before this kid is mobile.  Thank goodness!!!

By the end of the summer he was confidently sitting on the beach beside me... and was likely scheming to himself, "How can I get that sand into my mouth?  Surely it's gotta taste better than that food my mom makes for me..."

Seriously though, I cannot believe how fast the last 8.5 months have flown by... this kid is growing up fast!

Before I knew it he was 8 months old and in just over a week will be reaching the 9 month mark.

Sawyer's a handful-- much more so than my other kids-- with his night owl, homemade food hating, intense screaming tendencies.  But we sure do love him.  Couldn't imagine life without him.

I've made it this far on almost no sleep and extreme amounts of coffee... pretty sure I can make it a little while longer :)


Jessica said...

Look at those chubby cheeks! I'm glad to hear that my older kids aren't the only ones who are always messing with the baby.

Jamie said...

Sawyer Sauce, you're just too cute!
Ahhh, 3rd children - always the loudest & craziest (wait a second, I'm a 3rd child...), but SO much fun :)

Melissa said...

He is ridiculously adorable! So entertaining to read your recap of the past 8 months. Maybe now that you've documented it he'll have to start sleeping to prove you wrong....right??!

Elissa said...

Too funny Melissa-- I was totally hoping for that last night... But didn't work. Maybe tonight's the night?? Wishful thinking :)

Barbara Matson said...

Seriously, how can resist those cheeks? What a cutie, I guess his looks are saving him! My third was the most challenging as well...and he is still a handful at 15, but I wouldn't trade him for the world! (and at 15 he is FINALLY sleeping in!)

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