Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Big Girl Rooms

Tis the season of birthdays around here.  On Saturday Caleb turns 5 (yikes!!) and in August Emerson turns 2.  Turning 2 means it's time to move on outta your crib.  So far she hasn't really attempted to climb out yet... but this afternoon I heard her yelling from the dining room "HELP!  MOM!  HELP!"  And I discovered this...

And because I'm such a great mom I laughed, grabbed my camera to snap a picture, and THEN helped her down off the table.

Somebody around here sure likes to dance on table tops... but can't seem to figure out how to get off the table.  The days of climbing are upon us... which means it's time for a big girl bed sometime soon.

So!  You know me... I'll probably want to switch up her room a little bit too.  Lately I've been drawn to kids rooms that have some hits of bold pattern... on the floor, on the bed... so fun.  Here are some of my recent favorites...

Finishing up the kitchen is definitely going to be priority around here... but once that's off my radar, Eme's room is next.  In the meantime, I think a trip to Anthro is definitely in order :)  Anyone wanna come with?


Jordin- I Love That! said...

So funny! My son is 2 and he has climbed out of his crib a few times but I am just dreading putting him in a big bed. He is our first so don't know what to expect. I guess we will be doing it soon too. I am excited about decorating it though!

Erica said...

Yes. The answer is yes. And I love that 5th (?) picture down with the spindle bed in the little nook. Looks so cozy!

Anonymous said...

Love the stranded Emerson picture! And yes, I would love to go to Anthro with you.

stephanie joy said...

oh my... anthro!
is there one in van?
closest one to us... minneapolis.
although there is a few in dallas where my mom and dad live.
so i go at least once a year there. :)

and this is bad... my baby is turning 3 in sept...
she's STILL in a crib!
it's just so easy.
she doesn't climb out.
so we just let her stay the baby.

electrician east brunswick said...

Wow, cool interior designs. By the way, is that for lighting in that bed overhead?