Friday, December 09, 2011

To paint or not to paint... that is the question

I had 10 minutes to kill before picking Caleb up from preschool this morning-- so I stopped by the thrift store on my way over for a quick little look-see... and lo and behold I found this awesome lamp base.

It's gonna need a shade... but as I sit here staring at it I can't decide if I should leave it blue... or paint it white!  The white high gloss spray paint that I used on Eme's ceramic owl worked so great... that I'm tempted to whip it out again.  Do you think it could look as great as the lamps in this picture?

Maybe.  I'm tempted.  To paint or not to paint... that is the question!


Gord and Andrea said...

my initial thought... DON'T PAINT. but those white lamps look so amazing i say PAINT!!! it's gonna look fantastic :)

Jamie Cooke said...

I say leave it blue, it's a cool color...and you paint everything white! (well almost everything)

Bonnie said...

I say don't paint as well. Put a white shade on it and leave the blue. The contrast would be stunning in your house!

Flowers2boys said...

i vote blue... but i see the lure of the white... try blue for a while and then move to white when you are bored of them.
i like the idea of a white shade or a pale green or yellow that compliments the blue... but that might be to much color for you all in one shot!
what a great find

Anonymous said...

Your header looks fantastic! You are going professional. I am just glad I get to say I am related to you :)