Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It was time...

... for another project.

Last weekend-- or maybe it was the weekend before-- Doug and I were sitting around with nothing to do.  I came up with a spur of the moment, totally free, make work project for us (actually Doug, not "us") ... creating floating shelves in the bathroom.  I've hinted at it before but I'll say it now-- any projects that require any amount of specialized skill are executed by Doug!  I'm the creative brain who dreams all these crazy things up... Doug is left to figure out how to do it!

So after I shared my vision with him, Doug sprang into action.  He pulled out some scraps of plywood and MDF and turned on the table saw.  In about an hour or two he had the 2 shelves in place.  Here's how he did it:

1.  Created a frame with scraps of plywood-- screwed into the wall... making sure it's level, of course.

2.  Pinned a top and bottom piece onto the frame-- these are capped off by a front piece with mitered corners to give it a more seamless look.

3.  Once the nail holes were filled, sanded and the edges were caulked, I needed to convince someone to paint it for me.  Thankfully I had a very willing helper...

And done.  The shelves are for pretty things right now... but in the future they will give me some added storage for towels and baskets full of other things you need in a bathroom.

One day I will renovate my bathroom... but for now... the shelves and the roman shade pretty it up enough for me.

Oh, and the total cost of this project?


Gord and Andrea said...

yup, they look fantastic :)

Carol said...

They look great! You two are quite the team!

Unknown said...

They look great! When I ever get around to renovating my bathroom, I'm definitely doing something like this:)

Betty819 said...

I've always wondered how "floating shelves" were installed. It appears as they were built surrounded by walls on both I right?

What if there is no wall to "support" them? Still confused how they support the frame he built. Will have to look at the tuitoral again to see if I can figure it out.
My DH is not physically able to do any handyman projects anymore but we still have the electric compound miter saw and I want to learn how to use it.