Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tough Decision...

Just when you thought I couldn't possibly come up with another fabric related post...

Ever since I purchased the chair I've been searching for inspiration... specifically fabric inspiration.  I thought it would be easy to pick something, but I've come to the conclusion that I like it all...

Since I don't have a camera or new pictures to share at the moment, I figured I could show you what I found while I was doing my "research".

A solid color is the logical choice-- trying to upholster something with a really specific pattern (like stripes) would be a nightmare the first time around.

First I found this gem... the style (at least as far as I can see) is almost identical to the chair I have.  The color is great... but velvet could be a bit finicky to work with.

Next up... chairs in a pale grey.  It's not an "in your face" color, but a chair this color could transition into just about any room of my house... and all you have to do is change out the throw pillow and you have a brand new look.  Things like that make me excited :)

I'm also loving the greige... the nailhead detail is beautiful on this chair.  But in my house... I'm not so sure if it would work.

But, then I was thinking... the right pattern... a busy pattern... wouldn't be that difficult.  I found this beauty-- I love it.  It would look so great in a little girl's bedroom.  I also found the fabric, but alas, it was out of my budget.

I also like the trellis fabric, and hey, that throw pillow looks familiar :)  But it could be a bit of a difficult pattern to work with.  Maybe another time.

I follow Sarah Richardson on facebook.  I "liked" her page and now I get all of her status updates.  I pretend we're friends.  I tell Doug all about her life.  He nods and pretends he's listening.  A couple of days ago she put this picture up on her page... how awesome is this pink little number?  As soon as I saw it I wanted a chair like it for Emerson's room.  But really, who am I kidding-- f I had a chair like this I'd put it in my room (if Doug would let me... or if he suddenly became color blind).  But alas, where would one find fabric like this?  And even if I did find it, could I afford it?  Big no on that one.

So, after doing my homework, I finally made my decision.  I decided to play it safe and went with this light grey cotton twill from Fabric.com.  For just over $10 a yard, you really can't go wrong.  I figured that if I royally screw up this chair, it won't be a total disaster since the fabric was so cheap.  So I placed my order and 2.5 days later the fabric was delivered right to my door (I love fabric.com).

It's not too wild and it's not too crazy, but I think it's going to be easy to work with for a newbie like me.

So now I'm curious.... which one would you choose?

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Anonymous said...

i should follow sarah on facebook too... i already pretend we are friends :) that woman is a genius!! i would have probably gone with the safe fabric too just to insure that the chair would turn out. but i would have been REALLY tempted by the blue trellis fabric and the fantastic bold floral and i would have put them in my living room. living in a house of boys i feel i should maintain pink and flowers in my decor :)

Jamie said...

I really loved the gray chairs in the second picture with the colourful throw pillows, so I think the fabric you chose will work great. I would be drawn to a bolder floral pattern too, but you can always save that for your next chair challenge!

Sabrina said...

The pale grey was my favorite too. Excited to see what kind of throw pillow options you come up with!

Lindsay said...

I liked the grey as well but I was thinking that for the first time a pattern would be good because it would hide any mistakes. But you are the fabric queen! There will be no mistakes to hide :)

Carol said...

My favourite was the blue trellis fabric!

Bonnie said...

I would definitely be drawn to the bright, bold print as well but you're right... grey is far more practical for your first shot at re-upholstering. I love the grey you chose! Plus, changing out your toss pillow on it is a great way to have a brand new look every time you feel like something different, so again, you make a good point :) Can't wait to see it when its done!