Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Christmas Pics

I attempted to put these pictures in chronological order-- but gave up. Here's what we did in Saskatchewan over Christmas (in random order):

Once we got to Saskatoon (our 3 hour flighted ended up being more like 12) we spent a week and a half with my family on the farm.

Caleb had his first ride(s) on the quad. He is a boy through and through. Cars, trucks, tractors... anything that drives is his favorite. Needless to say, he loved the quad.

The view from the house:

Even though it was -40... it was still warm enough to goof off on the quad!

Caleb was very excited to have his first tour of my uncle's dairy farm:

Doug and I celebrated our birthdays over the holidays... even though they were in 2 different years!

Goofing off for the camera...

Caleb spent many fun-filled hours with Papa-- his favorite person in the world. Probably about 10 times a day you could find them in the garage looking at Papa's truck.

Opening gifts. Caleb opened them all himself. He ripped it apart piece by piece, throwing every bit of paper to the floor before starting on the next. Yes, he is definitely a lefty! Taking after mom...

One of the baby calves having his dinner...

Smiling for the camera.

Guitar hero anyone?


What would you say if I told you that each of these cows have their own waterbed? It sounds crazy, but it's true. For real.

Checking out the sheep in Papa's barn. Yes, it's as cold as it looks. It was -40 out, but Caleb didn't complain. He was too excited about the animals-- that and he had about zero exposed skin.

And, once again-- another 12 hours in the airport on the way home.

That was our vacation. To sum it up-- cold, furry, airports, family, and definitely worth it!


Trev and Rebekah said...

Were you delayed in the airport too?
Your hair looks great in that pic of you and doug.
What day was your birthday? Happy belated birthday!

Bonnie said...

Those pictures of the Sask. sunsets actually made me miss good ol' Sask. skies. You got some stunning shots!
You guys are looking great! Glad you had a fun time at home despite the frigid temperatures :)

{ as we know it } said...

Yes, it was SO good to see you while you were out! Let me know next time you're out ... glad you had a good holiday!

GSFALK said...

I loved the new pictures.

Courtney and Jon said...

Elissa, great photos. I don't know if you knew that I blog stock you :o). I love your photos. It looks like your Christmas was amazing.