Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Our Trip in Pictures

WARNING: the following post contains a lot of pictures with not a lot of writing.

As many of you know, Doug and I took a little vacation this past weekend to good old Waldheim, Saskatchewan. Here's what we did and saw!

Flying Westjet was wonderful (except for the time with the turbulance, the falling flight attendant, and, oh yeah, other passengers getting sick on the plane). Other than one rough flight, it was so nice to fly and not drive all the way there!

Doug and I managed to make it out to the wedding ceremony of some friends of ours, Tim and Erica. It was a beautiful ceremony (Erica-- you were gorgeous! I loved your dress!!!) and we were pretty surprised to see so many of our Bethany friends! Here's a few shots of the lovely couple.

Since we were so nicely dressed up from the wedding, Doug and I snapped a few pictures on my parent's front porch. Here's a family of 2, soon to be 3!

And of course, what's a photo session without a pregnancy picture! Here I am at 30 weeks! (For all you pregnant ladies out there, I recommend looking at Superstore if you need a maternity dress-- I found mine for 11.97, and I liked it a whole lot better than any of those tents they sell at Thyme!)

The highlight of the trip was spending time with my 2 beautiful sisters, Trisha (in the pink) and Angela (the white). They are so excited about the baby, and can't wait to be aunties. Of course we had to take a picture of the Aunties with the belly.

Here's Joel, my little brother (or not so little anymore) getting in on the action.

Here's one with the puppy trying to sneak into the picture!

What's a trip to the farm without a trip out to the barn? While we were there, these two little twin lambs were born, lambs #201 and 202! They sure are cute, but they can be pretty noisy when they're all bah-ing at the same time.

A couple of days before we got there, my parents got a new puppy for the farm! He was so shy on Friday when we got there, but by the end of the weekend, he couldn't wait for someone to come outside and play with him. What a cute little puppy. I sure was tempted to bring him home with me!

Well, that's it folks. It fun to see everyone, but it could have been longer. Isn't it always that way? It's crazy to think that the next time we head out to Waldheim to visit my family, we'll have a baby! Excuse me while I have a panic session.


Trev and Rebekah said...

I'm loving the belly! Were there lots of Bethany alumni at the wedding?
Glad you had a good trip home.
Superstore has maternity clothes?

Elissa said...

No maternity clothes at Superstore, just clothes that can work as maternity clothes. I've decided to keep wearing regular clothes as long as possible!

Bonnie said...

Great post Elissa! You are looking stunning! Looks like the wedding was beautiful...still sad we couldn't make it. By the way, thanks for getting back to me about my question. I'll try to discuss the details you suggested with Jon tonight and I'll email you back either tonight or tomorrow. Thanks again for checking into that for me :) Talk to you soon!

Charlotte said...

Hey Elissa,

you're so beautiful! You make the clothes look good :)
great post - i enjoyed the pictures

Gina & Shaun said...

Wow do you make pregnancy look good! I hope I can look half that gorgeous (no, I'm not pregnant!). I had no idea Tim was getting married!! Great to see some pics!

{ as we know it } said...

It was SO good to see you guys!...even if it was really short. And I'm so happy I got to see you pregnant so that it wasn't such a shoker the next time I see you with a kid! crazy! Love ya!

Mac said...

that puppy is soooooo cute! i would have definitely stolen him! Glad to hear that you continue to do well and way to go on finding clothes that work as maternity clothes at superstore! i'm gonna have to remember that if mac and i ever have children!

oh and we finally have a blog now!

Nathan & Rosanna Toews said...

Hello beautiful! I loved this picture post. Glad to hear the weekend was great! Looking forward to seeing you soon.

gord and janice said...

Soooo good to see you guys at the wedding - even though it wsa short. You looked absolutely radiant, Elissa.

KDees said...

you are looking so great, Elissa! i can't believe you're 30 weeks already!!

Erica said...

Hey hey there... sorry I didn't get the chance to talk to you guys at the wedding! Thanks so much for coming though - I saw you at the back and wanted to hop off the stage and say HELLO, but figured it might not give the right impression.

My only frustration is just that everyone else gets to visit with all the friends that come out, but we were either stuck on stage, or talking to/being introduced to family members 4 times removed... I shouldn't complain, I just wished I coulda chatted with you guys!

You are looking absolutely PHENOMENAL!!! Seriously; you are so gorgeous... and if I can look half as good as you when I am pregnant (in the far, far future) I will be lucky! Take care and talk soon... E