Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy Canada Day!!!

Since Doug and I are now working full time, we have learned to enjoy our weekends a whole lot more. Canada Day ended up being one of the funnest, most relaxing days we have had in a while. First of all, after sleeping in (After getting up at 6:30 in the morning during the week--I think we deserve it!), we invited Chris, Micah, and Jamie over to eat pizza and watch the France/Brazil world cup soccer game. Then, Rosanna and I went shopping at the mall while the boys played a little beach volleyball. After that we all met up at the Apollo and spent some time cooling off in the pool. For dinner that night, we all felt like doing something a little bit different, so we all went out for sushi at a Japanese restaurant. Doug and I had never been there before, but we had a great time and really enjoyed the food-- however, we did stay away from the raw fish. After dinner we came back to our place and watched a movie, then walked over to Rotary stadium to catch a bit of the live music and the fireworks. While watching the fireworks I thought about past Canada Day fireworks. Last year, Doug and I took the subway to downtown Montreal where we watched the fireworks with our good friend Steve. I also though about all the good times heading out to Diefenbaker park in Saskatoon catching the show on the hill. While I did miss the Saskatoon celebration a bit-- I have to say that Abbotsford has one great thing going for them-- no mosquitoes. I was so nice to lay on the grass and enjoy the show without being bothered by all the bugs!

As you can see, the boys sure had a great time doing other things as well. Isn't my husband a talented photographer? He manages to take all the best shots.
After the fireworks, it was decided that we definitely needed some McDonalds. However, when we got there, we realized that only the drive-thru was open. No worrries-- we decided to have a little tailgate party in the parking lot. It sure felt like we were in high school again-- sitting on the pavement eating our McDonalds. It was the perfect end to a great day.


Nathan & Rosanna Toews said...

Elissa, my husband looks hideous! Love the post! Love you!

Trev and Rebekah said...

It sound like you had a great weekend. I just love hearing how all of you kids hang out together. It's great when Family can also be some of your closest friends. I have really grown to appreciate my sister-in-law that way.

Amy Smith said...

You guys are cute. Sounds like a nice time out there in Abby. Doug, I'm housesitting at your aunt and uncle's this week. Small world I guess. Take care you guys! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

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