Monday, December 12, 2011


Things have been getting a little more Christmas-y around here.  I hadn't gotten around to taking a picture of our tree yet this year... so tonight was the night!  I'm still learning how to use my camera-- I was trying to take a picture that would give the lights a little extra twinkle...

With a one year old in the house this year, I decided to put away my glass ornaments.  Instead of my pretty glass ones, I picked up a big box of glittery pinecones and some felt snowflakes and moose from Canadian Tire.  Caleb was a fan.

Today was baking day.  I have a whole lot of butter and chocolate in this house-- it's time to do some baking.  Since Eme can't have any buttery chocolate-y goodness, I made her a batch of Raspberry Banana muffins.

But these chocolate almond toffee squares were for me :)

Today was also gingerbread house building day.  I took the easy approach and used graham crackers.  Super easy-- super fun.  All I had to do was make icing...

And buy a whole lot of candy.  I tried to find the prettiest ones.

And here is my master gingerbread house builder.  He did an exceptional job of candy placement.

Although I had to laugh when he insisted on using the candy canes as downspouts on one of the houses.  He was so concerned about where the water would go when it started to rain.  I guess practicality won over aesthetics today...


kelly ens said...

LOVE the tree.
LOVE the picture of the baking with the tree in the background.
downspouts :) hehe. smart kid!

KDees said...

Your house looks lovely! And the baking; extra delicious!! Way to go! Your tree photo is beautiful! To get extra twinkly lights - set your camera on a tripod and use a small aperture (high F number) and a long shutter speed. The small aperture will produce a star-like effect on the light sources!
Merry Christmas to you guys!