Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kitchens on the Brain

Alrighty... on to the topic of kitchens!  I've had kitchen renovations on the brain lately (too much free time = project planning and scheming) and have been trying to plan out what we'll do in ours.  Doug and I have been talking and planning and if all goes well (meaning my leg works again at some point in the near future) we may try to start working on our kitchen at some point in the fall.  So I've been thinking about kitchens and looking for kitchen inspiration.  A friend of mine is thinking about kitchens too-- and she mentioned that I should do a post on the classic kitchen.  Done and done.

Now let me start by saying that everyone will have a different opinion on what the ideal/classic kitchen is.  We all have different tastes, preferences, and styles.  If you are choosing a kitchen I would say-- who cares what's popular or the latest trend-- if you don't love it, don't do it!  Know what you like and find a way to pull it off without breaking the bank!  And this leads me to my next point.  As a mom with a couple of young (and exceptionally messy) kids I can understand then need to have a home that can withstand messes.  BUT, I think you don't have to sacrifice style!  If you love LOVE white kitchens don't choose dark wood cabinets and countertops just because it will hide dirt and kid's messes.  The only thing worse than a dirty kitchen is a dirty and messy kitchen that you don't love!  While you still need to make smart choices and select materials that YOU can maintain (know yourself and your level of commitment!) I think that if you truly love your home you will make it work!

Okay-- now I'm done ranting.  Moving on-- we may not all agree on what a truly classic and timeless kitchen looks like, but can we all just agree that it's not this?

We've come a long long ways.  Can't wait to renovate for reals... 

Now that we've got that out of the way-- let's move on to the pretty pictures!  As I've mentioned over and over and over again-- I'm spending way too much time on the couch these days.  Over the weekend I ended up watching an older movie-- Something's Gotta Give-- and I was struck with the fact that the kitchen in the movie (a movie that's been out for 8 years already!) is probably the perfect example of a timeless, classic kitchen.  Here's a picture:

It's classic but still casual and welcoming.  This kitchen has white shaker doors with a little bit of glass, dark countertops and floors, stainless steel, white subway tile backsplash with white grout-- a clean slate that can be updated over time with accessories.  I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this kind of kitchen would likely appeal to the most because it's a classic choice.  And 10 years from now it will still be appealing-- it's a timeless look.

Here are a few more kitchens-- while they're not all exactly the same-- they follow the same formula:

And about a year ago I saw an awesome house tour on the House and Home website.  The kitchen in the tour is so similar to the SGG kitchen-- the entire house is beautiful.  I couldn't find a picture-- but you can watch the house tour here.

Now, while I love these kitchens-- they are beautiful-- they are not exactly what I would personally choose.  Over time I've figured out what I really like after looking at countless magazines and spending way too much time on pinterest.  I really really love an all white kitchen-- simple white cabinets, a white or marble backsplash, and white or light countertops.  I like classic mixed with a bit of contemporary.  And I don't like match-y white-- I like layers of different whites.  And I love little details.  And fabulous lighting.  And a mix of different styles and texture.  And pops of color in small doses.  So without further ado... in no particular order-- here are some of my (currently) favorite kitchen images.  (all the following images can be found on my kitchen pinterest board).

Yeah, so apparently I don't have expensive taste at all :)  And I really do like a little bit of everything-- and I really do like many many different styles-- but I think I'm starting to get a good idea of what I like.

Now, about kitchens with stained wood cabinets!  Dark wood or white-- that always seems to be the dilemma-- what to choose??  There are many many kitchens with wood cabinets that I love.  However, I think that choosing a timeless stained wood kitchen can be tricker than white because you have SO many stain color options-- plus you then have to consider how the stain will coordinate with the other wood tones in your house-- like flooring, your dining room table, and other pieces of furniture.  It can be tricky.  But, I think that a dark stained kitchen in chocolate or espresso tones (not too much red) can be a timeless and classic choice too. Chocolate/espresso wood tones are easier to match with other woods and give you that cool bistro, "I'm at Starbucks" feel.  Here are a few of my favorites!!

I could keep going.  I could move on to kitchens with not-white painted cabinets-- those are pretty trendy nowadays.  But I'm feeling a little long winded.  Maybe I'll save that for another day.

Let me conclude by saying-- in the end selecting something timeless and classic is great-- but choose what you love and something you can live with!


Gord and Andrea said...

were you watching movies with rosanna??? we were having that same discussion today :) i am so excited for you to reno your kitchen... SO excited!!!

Amber. said...

mmmmmm. White kitchens. I have a white kitchen and 3 young kids, one on the way. Can I just say, that ALL cabinets get dirty...and personally, I think it is EASIER to keep a white kitchen clean because you can SEE the dirty fingerprints/food/whatever a lot easier! When I wipe the counters I often do spot wipes on my cabinets. It's really not that hard to keep them looking bright white. Love your inspiration photos. Our kitchen has white cabinets up to the ceiling and then I painted our ceiling 'icy moon drops' a really pretty light turquoise color. I LOVE it!!! Sorry, this has gotten kind of long, I could talk kitchens all day :) All the best with dreaming & scheming of your new kitchen!! Fun times!

Elissa said...

I'm with you on that one Amber-- I'd rather know the dirt is there so I can clean it asap. I may be slightly OCD, but that's the way I roll :) And I could definitely talk kitchens all day too :)

Erica said...

well, I actually DO talk kitchens all day, and I would say you are exactly right in your choices! I personally, for kitchens anyway, like painted cabinets better than wood stained (obvious?). Can't wait to see what you guys do, and of course, am looking forward to the progress reports!

Carol said...

We are 7 weeks into a major kitchen renovation - taking down walls etc. I can hardly wait to see the end result - hopefully I have made good choices! The painted (cloud white) cabinets are to be installed next week. I will also have one wall of a dark stained built-in desk area and china cabinet. Will follow your renovations with interest.

Rosanna Toews said...

This is too funny... I watched the movie with James this weekend and the whole time I kept admiring the kitchen. We need to collaborate some more :)

Hugs for your day!

Elissa said...

Great minds think alike Rosanna :)

Heidi said...

Elissa, I love your blog. It gives me the decorating itch and for some reason now that it's September I want to change up my house so I'm looking for ideas from yours! I still love our white Kitchen (thanks to Doug) - big impact on a budget! Have fun with the reno's - for us bathroom reno's are just around the bend.

Team AC said...

While I have no kitchen to reno at the moment, I loved your post. You are such a good writer, and always make me laugh. Keep it coming!


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