Sunday, August 14, 2011

Two Faced

I gave you a sneak peak of this little sewing project a while back... a long while back.  Finally, I had an afternoon with nothing to do so I decided to finish it off.  And, I was also feeling guilty over the fact that I had stolen Eme's pillows for my own room.  Well, not really.

Anyways... the pillow is finished!  This pillow has a little something for everyone.  On one side it's got a little chevron.  Pink chevron... created by yours truly.  It only took me several hours to figure out how to turn stripes into a chevron pattern... and then several hours to figure out how to sew it together.  Emerson, you're worth it.

But wait!  The other side's a bit of a surprise... we've got stripes AND buttons.  This proved to be much much easier than I thought.  Pop a new foot onto my sewing machine, push a few buttons, (consult manual), and perform a little other sewing wizardry... and you've got yourself a perfect button hole times 3.

Now for a bit of a safety disclaimer... Eme doesn't get to sleep with her throw pillows.  This is a safety no no for small children.  They usually live on her chair and pretty up the crib on special occasions-- like photo taking occasions.

What's that Caleb?  You love Eme's new pillow too?

Before I knew what was happening Caleb had scaled the crib, stolen the pink felt flower pillow and had run off with it for his own room.  When I went to retrieve it I found it sitting pretty on his dresser.  True story.  And a shameless little excuse to fit a picture of these cute kiddos into this pillow related post :)


Carol said...

Great job on the pillow!

Bonnie said...

LOVE it! Can't wait to see your gorgeous home today!! :)

Trev and Rebekah said...

Cute picture of the two kids.

Anonymous said...

I love love love the crib sheet. Did you make it!?

Anonymous said...

Where can I find the crib sheet material?

click here said...

The flower pillow is just so cute. Love the color too, so girly. :)Your kids surely loved them.