Thursday, September 01, 2011

Ice Buddies

Ice packs.  They're a hot commodity around here these days...

I've been faithfully keeping my knee iced-- Caleb's faithfully provided me with cold ice packs from the freezer all day long.  But now we've become ice buddies.  Why?  Well he tends to be a bit accident prone.  Even while wearing a helmet (they really should be mandatory for 4 year olds nowadays) Caleb managed to find a way to get hurt.  Last night he took a flying frisbee to the nose.

This led to yet another trip to the hospital for this family (this makes 3 trips in 3 weeks... each trip for a different member of our family-- but I'm not counting :)  The doctor checked for clots (all clear) and determined that since his nose was sitting pretty straight there was no point in doing X-rays... broken or not the diagnosis would be the same.  Bring on the ice.

Caleb was brave.  Grandma gave him a cookie-- that seemed to stop the tears.  I told him that he could either go to straight to bed or take a trip to the hospital with Daddy.  Thankfully he didn't call my bluff-- he excitedly chose the hospital.  Apparently he had a great time in the ER.  The doctor looked up his nose with a tiny flashlight-- he was a fan.  Caleb got a treat before bed-- a donut.  But the best part of the evening was when he walked in the door after the hospital trip as chipper as could be saying:

"Hello Mommy!!!  Guess what-- the doctor said I have to put ICE on my nose!!!"


Anonymous said...

Oh, Caleb, you are so funny! Hope the ice is helping your little nose feel better.

Auntie Bernice

Trev and Rebekah said...

That quote of his made me giggle! Glad he found joy in the ice. Sucks that you've had your second home at the hospital lately.