Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Overnight Guests Beware

Warning-- if you ever are an overnight guest at our house I might just sell your bed right out from under you.  True story folks.  While my parents were visiting a couple of weeks ago I sold the guest room bed.  Well not the mattresses, just the bed frame.  You see-- I have a bit of a craigslist problem.  I buy things... and I sell things.  It's a bit addicting.  On a whim I posted our old Ikea Hemnes bed frame to see if someone would buy it for a decent price.  I figured it was now or never-- Ikea recently started cleared out all the old style Hemnes bed frames in the wood finish (I think they're still selling the white ones) and are now selling a new version for a much cheaper price.  Well, as soon as I posted it I had a ton of emails and inquiries... but I wasn't super committed at that point and it just didn't seem like I had buyers that were really serious.  Then my parents came and I was scheduled for surgery so I just figured I'd sell it another time.  But then someone called the day before surgery and was willing to pay cash and pick it up within the hour.  Before saying yes I asked my mom if I could sell her bed-- she was down with it.  So we pulled the whole thing apart and an hour later it was gone.  I wasn't sure what my dad would say when I told him I had sold his bed, but he just chuckled and told me that the old ikea bed was too high for him anyways :)  So now the mattresses sit all alone on the floor waiting for a headboard intervention.

So now I've got to make a new bed.  Obviously not today, this week, or any time soon... but I would like to try my hand at doing another upholstered headboard.  We already did a camel back headboard for our room so I'd like to do something different this time around.  So many options... how's a girl gonna decide?

I guess for now I'll just have to look at some pretty pictures for inspiration.  Here are few fav's...

white or cream with tufting.  pretty and kinda girly.

How about this one with side panels-- kind of like a wingback chair turned headboard.

This one's the got the best of both-- wingback-ish sides AND tufting.  Looks like a lot of work :)

upholstering a headboard with a patterned fabric could look pretty spectacular...

I love yellow,

I love stripes,

And I love pretty much anything Sarah Richardson designs.

These ones don't have pattern but are still colorful.  I love the inset panel in the next ones and how they are trimmed out with piping or a bit of nailhead trim...

Oh, there are so many options.  And I have way too much time on my hands to think about this!  So what would you choose?  Color, pattern, tufting, nailhead trim...?

all images via pinterest


kelly ens said...

My pick is no. 5 - the brown with wingback-ish sides and tufting :)

kelly ens said...

leave it to the most un-crafty person to choose the one that's a lot of work :)

flowers2boys said...

seriously i could not pick just one!... so i must go with pics 1 - 5 and the last pic (that orange velvet is beautiful)... i am also a fan of the belgrave headboard style - i like linear personally... and to give it some "texture" you could use a textured white material - like a maltesse quilt for the upholstery (you can always find those for cheap'ish from winners/home sense), do some button pulls and the wing back sides like in picture #1... i could soooo sleep under a headboard like that!