Friday, December 03, 2010

Shopping... with kids

I'll admit, I like to shop.  Big surprise, I know.  My friend Sharon also likes to shop.  We like to shop together.  We're good at it.  We also like to bring the kids along as we shop.... sometimes.

Unfortunately, Sharon and I don't have many chances to shop together anymore since we can't fit three carseats into the back of either of our cars.  But, the other day we realized that all three kids would fit into the back of her truck!  So early one morning, we strapped the kids into the truck, grabbed our passports and made the trek across the border for a day of shopping!

Caleb was quite excited to ride in the big truck.  He excitedly chattered away about how he could hear the truck crumble... he meant to say grumble :)

The excitement was short lived.  Halfway through the drive there the wee ones in the back started to fuss.  Caleb doesn't handle crying well.  He's quite alright with his own crying... the cries of other kids?  Not so much.  He spent the rest of the drive like this.

Finally... we're there.  Finally, the kids are happily restrained in their strollers.  Let the games begin!  Here's Caleb and his little buddy Kolsen.  I'm not going to lie, shopping with three kids is not easy-- but in the end it was a successful trip!  That double stroller of mine-- worth its weight in gold.  It weighs alot.

Emerson slept through most of the trip.  She's easy to shop with-- and she's pretty dang cute.

Caleb also looks pretty cute in the stroller.  Those Toews boys love to cross their legs. 

And finally, on the way home-- it was quiet.  When we got home, Caleb was convinced that he didn't sleep at all on the ride home.  I however had a picture and a grouchy boy to prove it :)

As we were talking on the drive, Sharon and I both acknowledged the fact that a mini-van would make our combined shopping trips quite a bit easier.  Think of all the kids and stuff we could cart around in a mini-van!  However, we both struggle with the fact the mini-vans just aren't that cool.  At least that's what we thought.  Later on that night, Sharon sends me an email with this video attached.

Maybe I want a Swagger Wagon for Christmas :)


Erin Setch said...

Oh my goodness! I was writing a campaign for a Toyota Dealership and stumbled across this in the summer! It's hilarious! Lisa, I would drive a Minivan in a heartbeat. They're just so darn practical!

kelly ens said...

minivans may not be very cool, but THEY"RE AWESOME. i love ours purely for the fact that i can fit ANYTHING in there :)

christy said...

do it!! buy the swagger wagon, best investment ever. That double stroller will be so easy to fit in there and no more squished carseats in one row:)

Amy said...

Bahaha..... that video was sweet. I'm going to hang a soother from my rear view mirror now.