Sunday, December 12, 2010

I *heart* Emerson

I'm at home with the kids this morning... not at church.  Why?  Caleb has pink eye... and a cold... and his asthma's acting up :(  I guess it could be worse.  He could have the flu too.  And at least this time around I don't have to worry about him being banned from daycare until the pink eye clears up!

So!  Even though Emerson really didn't need to change out of her PJ's I figured I might as well dress her up.  Besides, I forgot to take pictures of her a couple of Sundays ago, so maybe I should make up for that one.  Caleb may not look all that great today, but Emerson sure does!

All this outfit is missing is a pair of leg warmers :)

What a serious face.

Every little lady needs a pair of cute boots.

These pictures were taken pre-morning nap.
She was quite serious and drowsy.
I couldn't resist posting these pictures too.  Too cute.

I'm really loving our weekly photo shoots.  Sometimes I don't really notice how much Emerson is growing up and changing from week to week-- until I look back at some of the pictures taken during previous weeks.  I plan to keep taking them!!

*Thanks Auntie Trish for such a cute dress!!!*


kelly ens said...

i hope Caleb gets better soon!
Also, i have a sneaky suspicion that your next project may be leg warmers...???

Bonnie said...

I wish her outfit was my size-- SO CUTE!! :)
Hope the pink eye passes quickly!

Kelsie-Lynn said...

So cute! I hope Caleb feels better asap.

Melissa said...

She sure is a beauty! Still loving the headbands!

KDees said...

She sure is changing and growing quickly! Love those blue eyes!

GSFALK said...

lovely pictures of Emerson!

Wyatt said...

She is adorable! Just one question...was it easy getting on the boots and if so any pointers? I have yet to master putting on wee shoes on little girls:)