Monday, June 03, 2013

Sunny Mondays are the Best

Sunshine, warm weather, kids napping, fresh slipcovers on the couches, and suddenly I'm turning on the Zolas and pounding a few new holes into the wall in the living room.  (didn't have a hammer, but it turns out that if you whack a nail hard enough with a tape measure it will lodge itself into the wall).

Nothing like a little sunshine to get me motivated to rearrange a few things around here...

This living room has been an ongoing work in progress over the past four years... and I like the way it's looking these days!  It really feels "me" in there...

Hope you all had a good Monday too!!


Britty said...

Elissa - I love your white couches and have scoured your blog looking for a source. Could you let me know where you got them, and if you're happy with the quality of the cushions? Thank you so much!

Bonnie said...

I'd literally never leave home if I had your house... and a cup of coffee. A true "happy place." Just stunning, Elissa.

Elissa said...

Britty-- our couches are the ikea ektorp with the white slipcovers! We love them. I actually bought our couches second hand and outfitted them with new covers and they are awesome. I'm quite happy with the quality and the fact that I can just throw the covers in the wash. As for the cushions-- I have no complaints. I find the couches quite comfortable.

Trev and Rebekah said...

How often do you have to wash those slip covers with having 3 kids?

JTay said...

Looks blissful!
I have discovered that the heel of some shoes makes a fine hammer, too, when in need of getting some art on the walls. :)

Leanne said...

I love the look of your living room!! So fresh & airy!

Amy said...

Elissa - it looks beautiful! You've got such great talent at making things look good :)

vanessa said...

In your kitchen how tall is your ceiling, what height are your cabinets and what size and style is your cabinet trim/molding? It looks fantastic. Thanks!

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