Friday, June 21, 2013

Just Some Pictures

Things have been just a little crazy around here lately.
Can it just be summer already?!!  Seriously!!

So.  How about a few pictures.

Love these two boys.  Nice neck shot Sawyer.

This kid.  Love him.

Trying to bring the outdoors in.  Loving my new beach-inspired print-- ordered it a LONG time ago and it just came...

Speaking of the beach.  We went.

Sawyer's first trip.
 Talk much??

Sports Day!  Can't believe this kid has only a few days of Kindergarten left!

And... that's it.


modern jane said...

They are all so sweet! I love your beach print! Where did you order it from? Was it one you took yourself?

Elissa said...

Jane, it's a print I ordered from Society 6. Check it out:

tan said...

Your kids are so cute!! Oh, and I love your hair:)

Barbara Matson said...

I don't think I ever looked that good when my kids were that size! Your kids are soo cute!

Trev and Rebekah said...

Your boys really do look like brothers! :0)