Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Kitchen Shopping Guide

Let me start by thanking all of you for your kind words and comments about my kitchen!  I love this room-- and it's fun to hear that other people like it too!  Now let's get on to the details-- here's where you can get everything used in our kitchen.

Custom cabinetry designed/built by my husband (email me at elissatoews@gmail.com for details)
All cabinetry was sprayed Cloud White
Natural wood shelves are Western Maple and were finished with a clear coat

Knobs on all the cabinet doors are Cliffside 1 1/4" Polished Nickel from Hardware Hut

3x6 white subway tiles from Home Depot
We used Flextile grout in Bone and went with 1/16" spacers when installing the tile

Quartz counters-- a generic brand purchased from and installed by a company operating out of Richmond, British Columbia.  Email me at elissatoews@gmail.com for more information.  
Sink purchased from the same company that installed our countertops

Edsvik kitchen faucet from Ikea

Intense White (OC-51) by Benjamin Moore

Striped Hand towel is the Hammam Stripe Towel from West Elm
Beaded white mugs/bowls are from Target's Threshold collection (LOVE them!!)
White Utensil Crock is from Target-- purchased a few years ago.  
All other white dishes/glasses are from either Ikea or Superstore

And that's it!  If anyone has any other specific questions... send them my way!


Barbara Matson said...

I have question about your white dishes. I am wanting new dishes, I have an older set from Target that are black and red. I want white but in the past my white dishes mark up. Do you find your dishes from Ikea/Superstore have stayed white? I am considering the Threshold fromTarget but have read reviews that they scratch up...

I LOVE your kitchen BTW. When we finally buy a house, and I renovate, I'll know who to call!

Leanne said...

Can you tell me again the name of where you had your cabinets sprayed in Abbotsford (I recall you had this info a post ages ago . . . ). Thx.

Maillardville Manor said...

I think I am in love with your kitchen!!! . . . And you!! ;) great style!!!
Lots and lots of love

Kate Miller said...

Love your Cuisinart toaster! How do you find it? I've read mixed reviews.

You have a wonderful tone to your blog. Just found it through Pinterest and have read back quite a bit. An 'oldest' post button could help for people like me who want to catch up :)

Kate (in New Zealand) x

Holly Baker said...

Gah, this is beyond dreamy!!! Your style is just lovely. Congrats on all your hardwork, it was obviously worth all the pain (I feel ya on long renos!!). Enjoy every second in there.


Elissa said...

Kate! I love the toaster-- our last one was pretty old and on its last legs... So this one works like a dream. And with a kitchen full of hungry kids? 4 slices at a time is a necessity!

Elissa said...

Imperial finishing-- they do great work :)

Craft That Party said...

Thank you for this awesome post and great links to find the products you chose! You have officially made me obsessed with that RH pull!

xoxo, Jenny of Craft That Party

Cara said...

Hi! We are looking to add almost the exact natural wood open shelves to our kitchen - how did you secure them to the backsplash?

Anonymous said...

beautiful + clean. is that a le creuset pot on the stove? i love the color?

Jena {Involving Color and Home} said...

Elissa, your kitchen looks SO good! I am so impressed that your husband built them, and I really love how the Cloud White looks. It's such a perfect cabinet paint color! I'd love to feature this on my paint color blog, Involving Color. Let me know if you're interested!

Frank Stenly said...

Stylish and attractive designing tiles. It is necessary to design your kitchen with mind pleasing colours. I use best Tiles Company in India for all interior designing.

Nic said...

I really love the natural wood open shelving you have... but how did you install them? They look so nice without the bottom supports you see everywhere else.

Nic said...

Never mind - I found your other post! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Stumbled across your blog via Pinterest and love love love your natural wood shelves. Can I ask how those are put up? I do not see any brackets or supports and would love to do my kitchen shelving like this.. thanks again for sharing!

macy dawn said...

I see that you replaced the flooring in your kitchen with wood floors. We've gone back and forth, trying to decide between tile flooring or continuing our wood floor from the dining room into the kitchen. What made you go with wood? How are they holding up? I worry about all the food & water spills on the wood (and we only have one little one in the house).

Lark said...

Hi there, what brand is your dutch oven? I love the color!! Thanks and beautiful kitchen, by the way :)

Farrah said...

Love, love your kitchen! We are about to do the same in our kitchen from white subway to floating shelves. Just curious on what your grout color is for the subway tile? Also, are the floating shelves on brackets behind the wall? Did your husband tile first, then hang shelves or shelves then tile w/grout line around them? We're trying to decide which to do w/ours. Appreciate all your help!! Thank you :)

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Crystal said...

How did you hang your shelves? Love them!

Elisa Corbett said...

Hi Elissa, I absolutely love your kitchen!! I am about to do white subway tiles above the vanity in my ensuite and the look of yours. I am just a bit confused. I have read that you used bone grout but then in another post light grey grout... Which grout did you use in the area with the shelves and the toaster? Thanks in advance. Elisa

Richard C. Lambert said...

Let me start by thanking all of you for your kind words and comments about my kitchen! I love this room-- and it's fun to hear that other people like it too! Now let's get on to the details-- here's where you can get everything used in our kitchen. Rinnai Malaysia

Norman Smith said...

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