Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just when I think I'm ahead of the game...

The kids pull out a little tag team action and decide to gang up on me last night.  Emerson started out strong with an explosive diaper of epic proportions.  Caleb followed with a middle of the night nose bleed that left his bedroom looking like something out of a horror movie.  These two incidents resulted in 6 clothing/bedding items with major stains.  After soaking all morning and a full hour of scrubbing in my laundry room during nap time, this momma is winning the battle... the count is 4 to 2... four items saved, 2 will have to be left behind.

No pictures were taken of the fiasco.  However, after spending so much time in my laundry room this afternoon, I'm feeling like it could be project time again... as I'm guessing I will be spending quite a bit of time in this room in the next months and years.  Here's the laundry room when we moved in... it looks exactly the same today (with the addition of a few piles of dirty laundry :)

And how about a bit of laundry room inspiration for you?

Dreaming big with this one!
How cool is this room?  I could spend a lot of time in here... drooling, not doing laundry.
This one's more like it... a basement room just like mine...
It's fun to dream... if I decide to tear things apart, I'll let you know :)

(last three images from Canadian House & Home)


Anonymous said...

I dream with you. I have a similar laundry area however my laundry sink has sat not plumed in for oh about 2 years, but who's counting:) Can't wait to see what you.

The A Team said...
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The A Team said...

I saw those in CH&H...I was drooling/dreaming, too! It's great to see you blogging more!!