Monday, May 27, 2013

Over the Weekend

Friday night.  Doug and I dropped the kids off (ALL the kids) and took off for the evening.  It was the first time since January that we had been away from the kids.  I pumped all week in preparation.  Maybe you can tell-- we weren't excited at all...

Kidding.  We were actually very excited.  Because we went to see Mumford and Sons!  So fun to see them perform live and outdoors in the park!  They definitely put on a good show.

We were feeling pretty youthful that night so we even bought t shirts.  I wore mine all weekend.

Friday was about us-- Saturday was all about the kids.  Doug and I have been talking about buying a trampoline for the backyard for a while now, since Doug had a rare Saturday at home we decided it would be the perfect day to buy the one we've been eyeing and set it up!

You cannot imagine how excited our older two kids were.  They have grown to love jumping on their cousin's trampoline, so the thought of having one of their own was pretty much the best thing ever!

Just look at the smile on Caleb's face.  Can it get any bigger?  I think not.

Since we have the trampoline now we've decided to retire our above ground pool (aka Gladys) for this year.  I was feeling a little apprehensive about setting it up this summer since I have to watch the kids like a hawk anytime they play in the backyard with the pool around and because it's a lot of work to maintain during the summer.  

This trampoline doesn't have any exposed springs or metal bars and has a huge cage to keep them on the trampoline as they're jumping-- so I feel like it is a much safer backyard activity for them.

It's pretty great to zip them in and let them jump their little hearts out.  I foresee many early bedtimes in the near future!  

I don't want to leave anyone out... so I'll just throw a quick picture of little S-dog up on the old blog today.  Just when I think he can't possibly get any cuter I wake up and bam-- he's 10 times cuter than the day before.

Melts my heart.  Especially when he sleeps through the night THREE nights in a row!


Anonymous said...

Same trampoline that we have and it does provide hours of fun - for Owen, that is! You all look great and hope we can see you this summer sometime.
Aunt Char

kelly ens said...

sounds like a pretty awesome weekend! :)

modern jane said...

So cute! The kiddies and you too! I bet the concert was amazing!

Barbara Matson said...

I was sad I couldn't get tickets to the concert - glad you got to go though! AS for a trampoline, my poor kids never had one, one of our regrets. You will get endless hours out of it! Wait until they figure how you can put a sprinkler underneath!

Trev and Rebekah said...

Trev loves dougs beard and says to tell him to never stop growing it.

Yeah for trampolines. My kiddo really misses having one to jump on. We bought a little indoor exercise one to jump on but some how it's not the same. Sure do miss having a yard at times.

Glad you got out just the two of you!