Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sometimes I call him Bearcat

Sawyer's a pretty even tempered little guy.  But when he gets too tired or too hungry he has quite a vicious, piercing growl.  Sometimes I call him bearcat.  My sister Trish is the original "bearcat" in our family-- you'll have to ask her why...

When I saw this Red Bear print from Banquet Atelier Workshop I knew it would be perfect in Sawyer's room.  It fits perfectly into an Ikea Ribba frame... and I love it.

I haven't really had much time or energy to do any more things in Sawyer's room, but I thought I'd share a little progress report!

And, thanks for all your kind words about my kitchen!  I'm definitely loving it too.  So, it sounds like everyone wants to know how the wood shelves are being supported.

I'm actually the wrong person to ask-- Doug's the mastermind behind these shelves.  The quick answer is that they are secured to the back and left wall (into studs) with screws that are each rated to hold a crazy amount of weight.  They are also secured to the cabinet on the right side too.  Doug assured me that each shelf could hold the weight of a full grown man-- I'd sure like to see that!  A kreg pocket jig is used to hide the screws-- it's almost impossible to see where they're hiding.  Installing these shelves are not really for the average DIYer... it takes some experience and the right tools.  If you want your own set of shelves-- give me a shout-- I know a great cabinetry guy :)


Erica said...

Funny, when we were over the other day I actually (looked for, and)noticed the Kreg pocket holes, because I too wondered how they were secured! Tell Doug :)

Jennifer Hibberd Mundy said...

Love the bear picture!


Jennifer Park said...

I love the shelves!! Can I ask what color stain you used on them?

Thank you!!

Andy Nelson said...

I just painted my nursery for my baby boy due in two months this Woodlawn Blue because of your blog :) any chance do you remember where you got your crib from?