Monday, March 25, 2013

Just a bunch of randomness

Spring sprung today.
I felt energized so I went grocery shopping.  First time I was outnumbered in the grocery store 3-1... I shudder just thinking about how terribly that could have gone wrong.  But we survived.  

Then I went to the park.  Picture me attempting to teach Caleb how to pump on the swing, while trying to keep Eme going on another swing, while repeatedly running over to the stroller to pop Sawyer's soother in to stop the squawking.

We got home and the doorbell started ringing.  All the kids in the neighbourhood love playing hockey with Doug and Caleb.  At about 1:00 they start ringing the doorbell every 10-15 minutes asking if Doug's home so they can play street hockey.  This goes on ALL afternoon.  No joke, my doorbell rang about 300 times today.  And you can imagine how a 7 year old would ring it-- ding! ding! ding! ding! ding!-- as many times as fast as possible.

Evenings of street hockey are now becoming a regular occurrence around here.  Emerson likes to think she's one of the boys.

Smiles have also been springing up around here too... Caleb and I spent a solid chunk of the afternoon doing anything and everything necessary to keep this little guy grinning...  can you blame us?

Made a trip to Home Sense.  They are always my go-to for awesome baskets (I seem to collect them) and lately they have not been disappointing.

I don't really keep toys in the kid's shared room as it tends to make things a little too crazy in there... but  they needed a place for their bed time stuffies and a few special items.  This basket seemed like the perfect fit...

And over the weekend we hung up a picture above each kid's bed.  They look cute-- but are also strategic.  We put them right over the switches for their lights... now they can't easily turn them on and off and on and off when it's bedtime without parental intervention.

I found a funky little print at Ikea for Caleb's side.  I didn't have anything for Eme so Doug painted her a big pink heart.  Makes me smile.

In other important news... my washing machine broke.  Not good.
Doug was sure he could fix it.  Just needed to order a part.  After walking into the garage to discover my washing machine (at least that's what I think it was) in many many pieces... unrecognizable-- I was worried.

But.  The part came.  Doug put it back together.  It worked.  Doug saved a bunch of $$ fixing it himself.  My hero.

While it was nice to have a legitimate excuse to ignore my laundry pile for 9 DAYS... I am now BURIED under a pile of smelly laundry that needs to be done.  Not sure if I'll be able to dig myself outta this... seems like the kids can make things dirty a whole lot faster that I can clean.

Wish me luck.


kelly ens said...

i enjoyed reading this randomness :) happy laundring :)

Bonnie said...

The kids' room is absolutely adorable! Love, love the basket you found. What a great idea for stuffies... may just have to look for something similar for Callie's room. It seems her stuffy collection grows bigger by the day... how does this happen!? ;)
And I think you need a house-helper... maybe you should come work with us in Thailand. A "maebaan" wil revolutionize your life! :)

Melissa said...

Good luck attacking the laundry pile! You make all of life's adventures and inconveniences sound humorous and fun!

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