Friday, October 19, 2012

October so far...

busy month.  here's what's been up around here...

spent thanksgiving weekend in whistler.  hot weather and outdoor pool at thanksgiving?  when does that ever happen?
boots weather arrived... Eme approves
fall weather means baking weather around here... Doug approves
purchased some usbourne activity cards-- draw on them with dry erase marker-- hours of fun
made a quick trip to the new west elm in vancouver and got a gorgeous kantha throw-- kids are not allowed to touch it
Eme got sick last weekend.  boo.
as of today (friday) I finally got caught up on laundry after Eme's "frow up" fest.  boo.
under cabinet lighting finally got installed.  yay!
Caleb's got a day off from school and decided to practice his letters.  he's loving kindergarten :)

And... I'm glad it's friday :)  how bout you?


Sandra said...

Laundry is a beast that I at least cannot tame. What a tease ... I can't wait to see picture of the entire kitchen!

Trev and Rebekah said...

She was sick again? Poor girl

Kitchen looks great!

Can I get your cinn. bun recipe please? That is if it's easy to make. :0)