Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Building Boxes

Work in Caleb's room has begun.  Moving the toys on out has been in progress over the past two weeks.  The closet needed some organizational help so I was pumped to find these cute cute cute storage boxes at Ikea for dirt cheap... $4.99 for two.  They are cardboard-- but they'll be used on the top shelves out of the reach of the kids determined to seek and destroy.

I was super excited about these boxes-- until I tried to assemble them yesterday afternoon.  I wrestled with one of them for about 2.5 minutes, flipped it over to glance at the instructions, and gave up.

Seriously now.  What on earth does this mean!!?

After the kids were in bed I informed Doug that he had 4 boxes to build.

He quietly set to work building the boxes... and all of a sudden I hear him muttering under his breath:

"build a box for your wife and she'll ask you to build three more."
"teach your wife to build a box and she'll build them herself for the rest of her life."

Nice try buddy.  I ain't touching those boxes :)

But I will admit that I giggled out of control over that comment for close to an hour.

Well, more work has got to happen in this room before it can be converted into a shared room for Caleb and Eme.  But, most of Caleb's "stuff" has been moved out (with the exception of his clothes), I gave the walls a fresh coat of paint a week ago (similar color to what was already in there), and the rug I ordered for their shared room arrived.  Just need to get the bed situation figured out and then we'll be open for business!


Trev and Rebekah said...

Looking forward to seeing the finished project

Bonnie said...

Is that chevron rug the one you ordered? If so, LOVE it! Hoping to get something similar for Marek's new room. We move to our new (and final... I hope) house in 2.5 weeks and I cannot WAIT to finally do some decorating :)